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    Awesome Steve

    Good on ya mate


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      Great thread Steve, but getting a mite out of date now.

      Any updates to The Steve Goodey Story that you'd care to share?


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        There's loads of updates but alas IRD seem to read this thread more then up and coming investors and so I have become shy.



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          Originally posted by Stevegoodey View Post
          Instead I took my former employer (a well known NZ retail chain) to employment court and won enough money to pay a deposit on 2 more houses.
          I like this part.

          And congratulations on your journey so far.
          No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. - Friedrich Nietzsche


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            Originally posted by Stevegoodey View Post
            ...IRD seem to read this thread more then up and coming investors and so I have become shy.
            This has me thinking Steve, is it an assumption or do you have any facts?
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            No price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself. - Friedrich Nietzsche


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              Fact they printed it out and confronted me with it.



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                People in glass houses....

                Perhaps we should print this out and confront them with it......

                IRD has 'lost' 106 computers

                The Inland Revenue Department doesn't know where 106 of its computers are.

                National Party MP Gerry Brownlee revealed the IRD's plight yesterday, releasing an official response to a parliamentary question:

                "Inland Revenue holds 8488 desktop and laptop computers. As at April 2006, 106 (1.2 per cent) of these computers could not be located, 32 of these were deemed to be obsolete. This number is expected to reduce in the future due to the implementation of additional tracking software."

                Mr Brownlee said he wanted to know what security protocols were loaded on the computers, whether there was the potential for a wider compromise of the IRD system, and how much personal and private information was at risk.

                "To say that there will be improvements after 106 computers have already gone walkabout understates the seriousness of the potential breach," he said in a statement.
                more here...
                No Regrets


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                  But surely you have nothing to hide Steve

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                    I think Steve's recent experience is indicative of a strategy being administered by IRD. I have numerous LO students ringing and emailing because of being interrogated regarding their purchases.
                    On the one hand I think IRD has to ensure they are not being scammed re GSt refunds etc. On the other hand they are asking information that is often irrelevent to the issue. One of my associates was being grilled over when they would sell their reno. The response, "I don't know until I complete the renovation and advertise and get it sold" was considered unacceptable and they are still fighting to get their refund, which is entirely unfair in this case.

                    So unfortunately we in NZ are being caught in a situation where the market is becoming more sophisticated and IRD are having to try and come to terms with that. SOmetimes, (Steve), the innocent are presumed guilty . This could happen to any number of us. Only scrupulous attention to detail and impeccable documentation will suffice from here on in.
                    And those of us who resent paying for good advice and apply the number 8 wire system will more than likely suffer!!


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                      Great story Steve, it's the first time I have read it.

                      I like your style. Reno is something I think I could do, and indeed hope to do in the near future on return to NZ.

                      That is alarming about the IRD. It serves as a warning not to make any flippant comments regarding income or taxation, even in jest.

                      Big Brother is watching you!!

                      The Dog

                      PS - I have just noticed that this is my 289th post. As in 289 Cubic inch!! Roll on the 302, 350, 351, 400 and 440 big block!
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                        I'd hang out for the 454 Big Post Dog!!


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                          I've got a supercharged 327 you could borrow, it's a promotional vehicle (honest).


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                            Hi Steve ,

                            Ive only just come across this thread. Great story and very inspirational. Good on ya !!!




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                              New Kid on the block, I've been reading this forum for months now and decided to join, this is a very interesting topic and good job Steve. Now in the above post it mention another story some where. Could anyone point it out or are there more to read about? that I have not come across yet?


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                                Blind egg,

                                Welcome to the forum. Some of the other personal stories available are:

                                Chris Ashenden http://www.propertytalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3173
                                Robyn Grinter http://www.propertytalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3464
                                Spurner's story http://www.propertytalk.com/forum/sh...=spurner+story
                                Monid's story http://www.propertytalk.com/forum/sh...ad.php?t=10773

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