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David Whitburn + David Leon + NZ Wealth Mentor = new Richmastery wannabes?

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    That photo may have been taken during the initially positive working relationship.


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      Wow Davids view of this seems to be incredibly one sided.

      This reminds me of a lot of not very funny analogies something about "I smoked pot but I didn't inhale".

      I think quite a few people drank the cool aid, and would rather it wasn't all that public now.
      It doesn't seem to be a very clever idea to go back into business with Phil Jones franchisees given the amount of litigation a couple of them are involved in.


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        Originally posted by David_W View Post
        My dislike of Jones started in 2007 due to some self-serving and unethical behaviour on his part. This grew to the point where, having bought a Blue Peak licence, we went to the Sunday Star Times.
        So Bluepeak was in operation for about 5 minutes in 2009?

        So you "disliked" Jones for being unethical two full years before this but still paid him how much for the license?

        Weren't they $50,000?


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          A little history ...

          There seems to be a bit of confusion about Blue Peak, dates, personnel etc. Perhaps I can clarify.

          Someone called Sharpie posted the Blue Peak companies office data in this thread RichMastery and Property Tutors when Blue peak was briefly discussed there ... but I can't see his/her posts now.

          This is a link to the companies office website which shows Blue Peak Wealth Management Ltd was incorporated 24 April 2007 with three directors: Phil Jones, Sean Wood, Sean Levy and equal shareholdings apparently owned by their interests.

          There arose, apparently, mass dissatisfaction among the licensees, who felt they’d been hyperbolically oversold and misled — as reported by the Sunday Star Times in August 2008. There were also issues with mortgage lenders apparently lacking confidence in the Blue Peak scheme and its operators. (I'm being polite.)

          There was a short-lived bit of argy-bargy, some of it public, much of it behind-the-scenes and between the former bosom buddies involved in what looked to me like a predatory, hyperbolic enterprise conceived and operated by spruikers. This despite Sean Levy's reported claim that "Since Blue Peak's inception it has generated millions and millions of dollars of loan books with customers."

          Blue Peak's name was changed to OLD TRADING JV 1 LIMITED on 26 March 2009 and it was subsequently struck off ... Companies office records:
          Registered from 24 Apr 2007 to 21 Jul 2009
          Blue Peak Wealth Management (Wgtn) Limited, sole director & shareholder Trevor Pearson (Steve Goodey’s Richmastery Wellington co-franchisee) also shows as struck off
          Registered from 30 Mar 2007 to 15 Dec 2009
          Thus ended Blue Peak’s brief sojourn among us. What happened to the reported $1million licence fees? Was anything refunded? It seems unlikely, but I don't know.

          Some in the news media, checking facts with me, told me that during the demise of the company, Sean Wood hinted at a savage story of scandal, skulduggery and intrigue about his past dealings with Phil Jones. Eventually it emerged that his dark whisperings appeared merely to be a pressure tactic aimed at encouraging Jones to be more ‘reasonable’ over the separation of Blue Peak between ‘the two Seans’, Wood and Levy (shades of the Whitburn/FUZO settlement — see below*).

          I suppose many of those who were talked into 'investing' in Blue Peak were SOLD IT by dubious Richmastery 'mentors', other RM associates like the FUZO pair David Whitburn and Ammon, and Blue Peak ‘gold’ and ‘platinum’ licensees around the country. Often these were the same people.

          Phil Jones's wide-eyed acolytes climbed aboard, just as they did with the miracle fruit juice MLM/pyramid scheme (how's that doing?) — getting the typical pie-in-the-sky hard-sell from Phil Jones, Sean Wood, Sean Levy etc.

          Originally posted by TheLiberalLeft View Post
          That photo may have been taken during the initially positive working relationship.

          * Nice thought, TLL, but no. I understand the 'Good friends' photo was taken 14 August 2008 (as captioned) — two weeks after the 1 August Sunday Star Times article about the Blue Peak rebellion which included this ...

          Originally posted by Sunday Star Times
          Those who are demanding their money back include former business partners David Whitburn and Ammon Acarapi of Fuzo, who said they had cancelled their Blue Peak agreement because Blue Peak failed to live up to its side of the bargain. The pair are in dispute over unrelated business matters with Jones.
          Several of those we spoke to are talking about mobilising licensees into joint action.
          The 17 August 2008 'joint announcement' of a settlement of 'all issues between the parties' was, it seems, Phil Jones sending a clear signal to other refund-seeking Blue Peak licensees that he had, through his rapprochement with his former business partner David Whitburn, effectively 'decapitated' the germinating class action lawsuit against him (to use Julian Assange's chilling term).

          And so it proved. (Too bad for the other Blue Peak licensees, I guess.)

          - P
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          Peter Aranyi
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            So what are you saying Peter?

            Do you think that David Whitburn settled with Jones to better his split in the Fuzo company bust up?

            And are you saying that this was to the detriment of the class action?

            Do you know if a lawyer was appointed?

            It sure seems funny that they would have some commercial "argy bargy" then take that photo with everyone seeming very happy with each other.
            But then Mr Jones was always quick to get the camera out when he wanted a photo with anyone.

            I agree that it would be interesting to see if Mr Whitburn Replies to the above query about dates mentioned by Peter.
            Why would you pay a $50k license fee if he already had ethical misgivings about Jones?


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              "The buck stops over there ..."

              Originally posted by halfempty View Post
              Do you think that David Whitburn settled with Jones to better his split in the Fuzo company bust up?
              And are you saying that this was to the detriment of the class action?
              Let me say this: David Whitburn and Ammon's decision to settle their FUZO and Blue Peak disputes with Phil Jones on those terms, or any terms, unappealing as they might be, ultimately was their decision to take.

              No doubt a range of factors (including private, non-business issues) played a part in it. That’s completely understandable. Having been engaged in litigation with the pugnacious Mr Jones myself (like others) I comprehend something of the stresses they experienced.

              But given that context, if I was David Whitburn, I certainly would not today boast (even defensively) about 'co-ordinating' the aborted Blue Peak class action lawsuit — nor raise it as some sort of good-character-testimonial item ... as he did (viz: "whistle-blowing and standing up to a bully like Jones"). Pfft!

              The FUZO/Whitburn/Jones settlement didn't strike me as a case of "standing up to a bully like Jones" ... just the opposite. Living treasure poormastery might have called it 'a shameful act of collaboration'. Perhaps that's too harsh, but I was clear with David Whitburn about how I saw it, as gently as possible, at the time.

              So, David referencing that lawsuit now, his unreliable, conveniently-missing-the-point denials ('not a staff member, shareholder, director or on the management committee of Richmastery') quoted above, provides a classic example of what I meant by 'sanitising history'.
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              Peter Aranyi
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                That's very telling I think we can read between the lines.