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The Search and Surveillance Bill

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  • The Search and Surveillance Bill

    Anyone else feel uncomfortable about this?
    Originally posted by Excerpt from NZ Herald Editorial
    Friday Nov 12, 2010

    Little-Noticed Bill A Threat To Freedoms

    New Zealanders stand to lose some hard-won freedoms under a bill moving largely under the radar through Parliament.

    The Search and Surveillance Bill will remove an important civil liberty and expand state liberties for authorities ranging from the police to the Department of Internal Affairs.

    The right to silence will fall to a new coercive power, the examination order, forcing people alleged to have knowledge of fraud or organised crime to talk to the police.

    Another innovation, the production order, allows police to demand that innocent individuals or organisations hand over materials that might or might not relate to an offence carrying penalties of five or seven years' minimum jail.

    Failure to comply would automatically attract a penalty of up to $40,000 or imprisonment.
    Another NZ Herald article on the topic:
    Nationwide Protests Against Surveillance Bill
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    Yes, absolutely. People of a liberal nature have been banging on for years about the erosion of our rights as free citizens, only to be ridiculed by the population at large. Oh sure, now it actually might affect you directly, it's a concern? That's rhetorical, Perry, not aimed at you per se.


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      Does anyone know if it did
      make it into law, by now?
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        Pretty annoying the public scrutiny of new laws.
        When are they going to stop that?
        After all - it's a 'privilege' not a 'right'.
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          Hi Perry

          Submissions closed on 18 /09/2010. 438 submissions were recieved including those from Amnesty International, Corporate lawyers and the NZ Law society

          There was strong opposition from the Green Party .

          The Justice and Electoral Committee examined the Search and
          Surveillance Bill and recommended by majority that it be passed with



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            Why is this Govt so keen to be up there with the Chinese, North Koreans and Burmese in the freedom stakes, amendments or no amendments?


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              Because, like much of the rest of the developed world:
              ordinary citizens are now treated as terrorists. (For
              their own good - of course!)

              I had this nice card in my luggage, once:
              (slight parody)
              Transportation Security Administration (TSA)


              To ensure that you are fully aware that you have arrived
              in the United States of America, the Transportation Security
              Administration (TSA) selected you (at random) to have
              your person terrorised and your baggage security violated
              in accordance with Federal law. Your baggage was among
              those selected for close physical inspection.

              During the inspection, your baggage and its contents were
              searched for prohibited items. Because we don't actually
              supervise the process, we believe that, at the completion
              of the inspection, the contents were (or at least should
              have been) returned to your bag.

              If the TSA screener was unable to open your bag for
              inspection because you used prudent personal security
              precautions against pilfering, the screener may have
              smashed his/her way into your baggage. TSA advises
              you that it is not liable for any damage or losses relating
              to your baggage and you have no rights of redress of
              any description, even if you find that items are missing
              from your baggage.

              Welcome to the land of the free.

              Have a nice stay.

              Smart Security Saves Time
              Yeah, right. And boy, the TSA 'screener' positions seem
              to attract the lower of the lower lifes, who seem to
              really revel in being able to lord their authority over all
              and sundry.

              As a TSA screener at Newark Liberty International Airport,
              Pythias Brown was supposed to keep deadly objects off
              airplanes. But for the past year, authorities allege, Brown
              has been swiping electronic equipment from luggage of the
              passengers he was supposed to protect.

              A laptop here, a cell phone there. Within months, he had
              snatched more than 100 items, authorities say.

              But this summer, Brown got too ambitious for his own
              good, allegedly stealing a $47,900 camera from an HBO
              crew and a camcorder from a CNN employee, authorities
              Airport Bullies

              USA? Stay away!
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                I've read about those nude scanners and the fondling that accompanies them. Sounds like fun. I don't mind the odd fondle. The thing to do is go thru the scanner after having a good peruse of a "rhythm" mag and watch the expression on their faces.