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How stupid main stream media can ruin a good business

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    I rang the cafe owners up this morning to give my support.

    They seem to have had a massive rally of support from the local community!

    There are also a couple of people on Twitter who go there every day and they say the support is good.


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      Originally posted by donna View Post
      As we all know defamation is extremely hard to prove so I don't think suing is on the table.

      Wouldn't think it would be too hard if TV3 has already issued an apology.
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        Originally posted by Keys View Post
        Wouldn't think it would be too hard if TV3 has already issued an apology.

        Umm it is not as easy as that.....

        Defamation is an extraordinarily expensive course of legal action to take, according to most lawyers you’ll talk to -- and a real gamble. Even if statements in question are 'proven' to be ‘untrue’, the injured party has to prove financial damage as a direct result of their publication.
        show demonstrable financial harm (a drop in sales, cancelled subscriptions etc) as a result of the ‘bad’ publicity or those specific comments.

        Probably the cost alone would be the put off for a small struggling business.


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          Originally posted by drelly View Post

          Captaincrab - if you read the whole article, it looks like the sample wasn't from any of the cafes and probably spiked as the coliform count was too high.
          Sure Dave, I did read the article and the samples were from 4 Cafes. They dont mention any where else.
          The comment about "probably spiked" was from the Cafe owner...Also "looks like" doesnt mean anything.
          Btw, we have been buying cake for dessert off Cafe Cezanne for over 20 years so I'm hardly against them.


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            I was referring to this bit...
            Restaurant Association chief executive Alistair Rowe said the mistake was "irresponsible" and had destroyed the owners' livelihood.

            "It should have been obvious it was falsely contaminated food because it came back with a very high number for contamination - it was almost pure poo," he said.
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              I am afraid Rowes comment means nothing. He didnt do the testing, is not a lab technician and is merely offering an opinion. Not facts.
              Is there anyway of confirming it was NOT from the Cafe? No there isnt. How do you know that someone didnt wash their hands having just been to the toilet and they touched the sample? You dont...

              I am just echoing Marc's point about putting too much credence on the Media and what is said. I think the same applies to the owner and his supporters.....
              Perhaps they could/should clear the matter up by being retested.
              I might buy more cake if they did.