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  • Dumbed-down-delivery, eh? I wonder how many other things that applies to?
    Pretty much all TV between 6pm and 7.30pm...
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    • Whazzat?

      Only between those hours?
      You jest, surely?
      Want a great looking concrete swimming pool in Hawke's Bay? Designer Pools will do the job for you!


      • The rest is just dumb
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        • Originally posted by donna View Post
          While there were lots of refunds - you can be sure a few people made huge $$$ from it - the 'sales people' who get paid straightaway for standing up on the stage for an hour or two causing the frenzy of interest and sign ups.
          Yes, they did have a loss of $5m afterall. I doubt all of that was venue related costs so it seems likely someone had made a pretty penny.

          Even if they didn't, they still got the benefit of a legion of minions propping up the bottom of their multi-level marketing scheme.


          • Thanks for inviting my commentary Pete

            It doesn't surprise me either.

            There is a lot of money out there to be made and a lot of people are doing very nicely however as with most "schemes" the entire story is not always told.

            The reality is that nearly every single "get rich quick" scheme is based upon an element of truth which is why it is so readily accepted however it is never ever going to be a "get rich quick" scheme for the masses. In other words yes it will work for perhaps 1% of people but not for everyone, even though the promoters will tell something different.

            Unfortunately telling people to work hard on a project for 6 months so that you will pick up $300 or $400 a week for the rest of your life is not very exciting. In reality though, it should be, after all how much does it cost you to earn $300 to $400 per week from Real Estate...in the hand after all expenses. Quite a bit.


            • Anybody have any knowledge or experience about this outfit?

              This person wasn't very convinced though.


              • DOes it matter anymore? I thought Geekversity closed down due to a range of issues/


                • I don't post much these days but mostly lurk but I had to post in this thread as I have been stung by an internet marketer and wanted to share with you some tips on how to spot a con.

                  1) First and foremost use google and search for the all speakers names with "scam" on the end. For example "larrymiles scam" do not search for just "larrymiles" as most marketers with any skill will have control of the first page of search results by having numerous web sites with their marketer BS on it.

                  2) If you click on a search result that looks interesting and you end up at a web page with the content removed treat that as a red flag - either the internet marketer has threatened the poster with legal action to take it down or possibly the poster is wrong. If you get more than 2-3 websites with the content removed then assume something is going on. In any case within the search results look for a cached version and you will sometimes get the post anyway.

                  3) Search for the product/strategy they are selling as sometimes the people selling are not the original makers and have a "clean profile" - for now.

                  4) Always ask yourself "why are they selling this if its so fantastic' - wouldn't they keep it to themselves? There is no product/strategy out there that is smart enough not be caught out if many people are using it. Some internet software products are designed to go into social media/SEO tricks and thats when they get detected as spamming.

                  5) Use facebook - look for the groups that are anti the person/product. Facebook is a great meeting place of people who are too scared to post on their own sites.

                  6) Always read the contract in detail before signing and if you are spending 1000's I would pay a couple 100 to get a lawyer to review it.

                  And lastly - if you are willing to fork out $1000's for a product/strategy that sounds too good to be true, uses spammy looking landing pages and you have not done any research then maybe you are too stupid and should lose your money.



                  • Did anyone go to Dean's Internet Marketing events last week? I think the world's best were presenting and they had some real money making systems on offer.

                    As the saying goes....don't knock it until you've tried it.



                    • The rules are simple. Before you fork out 1000's on a system check out the product and people selling it. It may work really well for them but will it work for the average joe or will it work if 100's of people are using it?

                      Deans business partner in this business is shaun stenning who was somehow involved with Geekversity which may have been selling the same type of stuff.

                      If I was you I would search google for how Shaun Stenning was related to Geekversity and what happened to Geekversity.

                      If you do buy the product and its returning the results promised to you after 3 months of using it please tell me and I will buy it.


                      • @Spritzer - I tried I do it I make my living online doing "internet marketing" . Almost all of the systems are a highly overpriced quick fix solutions aimed at the gullible and greedy. Some of the them could probably work for the buyers - but 99% of those buyers won't put the hours and hours of work in to achieve that.

                        Larry - I can't think of any reason why a beginner should be paying 1000's for any product or service . I like your list but be aware that if you search for a product +scam you will mainly get affiliate reviews - there is a well-known SEO quirk which makes it easer to for XYZ scam than XYZ review. I use the trick myself - but write real reviews - I get the odd amazed comment that the searcher actually found a "real" review.

                        The make money online game is a full of scams and cons - you can make money online - but don't start with the idea of spending money to learn the "secrets" - there are no secrets just hard work and some knowledge which can be had for free

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