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YouTube and Facebook latest weapons in property market

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  • YouTube and Facebook latest weapons in property market

    Anybody using Youtube or Facebook to sell real estate yet?

    YouTube and Facebook latest weapons in property market
    Article from: The Sunday Mail (Qld)

    Michelle Collins

    August 03, 2008 12:00am

    INTERNET sites YouTube and Facebook are the latest weapons in the war to gain an edge in the competitive property market.
    Corine Richards from Coulson Real Estate in Inala, who runs marketing training for real estate agents, said YouTube was one of the best ways to sell real estate.

    "One of the problems with virtual tours is that they lack personality," Ms Richards said.

    "With YouTube you can add a song as well as area shots and area profiles.

    "And you can send a link anywhere, and it is quick and it is free. You can also link it to a MySpace page where you can advertise a lot of properties."

    Ray White agent Chris Hinds is another of a new era of technologically savvy agents turning to cyberspace.

    Mr Hinds produces high-quality moving videos which include a description of the property, which he narrates.

    The property videos are then uploaded on to his website (www.chrishindsteam.com) and on to YouTube.

    He said the advantage of YouTube was that it was easy to use, cheap and gave him access to international buyers.

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    Saw Professionals using you Tube this week for a property in Lower Hutt. Not quite as sophisticated as above as it has music rather than Narration but a good start. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gimjOLufGo4
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