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Sella site down

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  • Sella site down

    Does anyone know what is happening to the Sella site owned by APN.
    The site says it is being improved and no new listings or editing can be done until 26 June. I have rung their help desk and sent off emails but no joy yet.
    Does anyone have an update on APN and their web site.
    Two weeks for a site being down is not good PR for a firm the size of APN.
    I wonder if they have thrown in the towel and are about to let Fairfax rule the world.

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    Its only the real estate

    It seems it is only the real estate bit that is down, though some of the other ads do seem rather old. I hope they continue as it is good to have some competition and free is good.



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      The are re-launching soon with new features, I believe.


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        Hi there ... I've just been pointed at your site. We apologise for the hiccup you might have experienced. We've releaunched sella.co.nz recently and are very excited to see it growing.

        We have a number of properties listed and are currenly working with many agencies to automate the loading of properties for them

        Any questions, sing out


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          I've just listed a property for rent on this site but the price doesn't appear when it comes up on a search yet I have loaded the price into the listing....
          Jo Birch
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            Yes when the tenants print off the listing it looks like an auction.
            That has scared a few applicants off thinking that the place is for sale.
            I have rung their 0900 number up and faxed many times.
            Lots of promises about fixing the problem but nothing done.

            Very frustrating.
            They just do not seem to care.


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              I'm very concerned that you are having a bad experience on our site. That is not up to our usual standard.

              I'm not sure what you might be faxing (sella doesn't have a fax number), but you are welcome to contact me via PM on this site.

              I'll look into the print issue, Heg - I'll PM you regarding your listing


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                I have rung their 0900 number up and faxed many times.
                Sorry. My mistake. I emailed several times.

                I have been using Finda then Sella since it was first launched.
                It used to be great but the impovements are making it go backwards.
                I advertise the Sella site every single day in my newspaper adverts for my rentals.
                Being in a small city is bad enough but they will not let us combine territorial authorities like they do for places like Hastings / Napier and so on.
                I have been pleading for ages to get Nelson combined with Tasman as one single location with a combined population of 100,000.
                We are one area known since 1840 as Nelson.
                New people coming to Nelson seeking housing have never heard of Tasman. It is not even on most maps. So when they search for properties in Nelson they miss one third of our urban area. Richmond is separated from Nelson city by a single road. One side Nelson the other Richmond. However Richmond is in the Tasman area so one third of our listings can not be found. Trademe and Telecom white pages list them as one area so it is reasonable for people to not know about the artificial separation of our city.
                The reason given is that APN owns Wises maps. Well goodness me.
                What a strange thing.
                Have a go at putting Tasman into Wises and see what it comes up with.

                Again I 100% want to go with Sella. For a big firm to provide such a versatile site for free is fantastic.
                But please do no pick on the little guys in little cities.
                We also have a life and run our businesses.

                We need our city up in lights like the big fellas.
                Give us a mention in the locations instead of hiding us behind a thing called "other"