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Young pupils learning to manage money

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  • Young pupils learning to manage money

    Hi guys

    This isn't a property related story (directly, that is) but I thought it was a good enough news article to bring to your atttention.

    All I can say, it's about bleeding time that some programme like this is in schools. I can only hope it gets to all schools.

    5:00AM Tuesday June 24, 2008
    By Martha McKenzie-Minifie

    Children as young as 5 will be taught how to manage money under a new pilot project in schools.

    Mounting credit-card debt among young New Zealanders, more complex banking schemes and 24-hour access to money are among the drivers for the programme - which could be rolled out to all schools.
    Here's the link.
    Patience is a virtue.

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    Agree essence.

    I have wriiten about this before, as have many others on here.

    I would love to see the curriculum - the outline seems a bit simple.



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      My concern would be that they will be taught by people who have no idea about their own finances. So hopefully they will put in place real life practical education and not just theory that can't be brought into real life situations.


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        Funny, garkenro, I thought the same thing.

        But then again, a smoker can teach health ed, and explain to children why smoking is bad for your health.



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          Teaching kids something.

          I find it interesting, that (in general) NZers are more than happy to speak about their emotional, spiritual, sexual lives than to talk about finance.

          There are many, many, many children who don't even have the basic understanding of money, as the example was given in the article "Mum gets money at the grocery shop".

          Some parents have very bad financial habits and perhaps poor budgetting skills. They are in no position to be able to teach their children good habits and would probably love to sit in the classes and learn something!!

          We are in a consumer society and the idea of saving for retirement is an anathema to a lot of people. The whole "why save for 40 years time, I need to have the X-box today" attitude.

          If schools can teach drug and sex education, why can't they teach financial education as well?
          Patience is a virtue.


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            essence said;
            If schools can teach drug and sex education, why can't they teach financial education as well?
            But the schools get experts in to teach about drugs and sex.
            Generally the common classroom teacher doesn't have the expert knowledge to do those subjects justice.

            Anyway what a boring subject to be teaching junior primary schools where the kids live for the day only and not for the future.
            "There's one way to find out if a man is honest-ask him. If he says 'yes,' you know he is a crook." Groucho Marx


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              Originally posted by muppet
              Generally the common classroom teacher doesn't have the expert knowledge to do those subjects justice.
              Aw c'mon Muppet, you're being modest!



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                Socialist teachers teaching finance?

                Where's Gordon Gekko when you need him?
                The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary - Fred Wilson.


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                  As one of the developers of the draft Financial Literacy curriculum, I agree with you PC. If teachers were financially savvy, why would they be teaching? especially about financial literacy! However, as a teacher I see the need and feel strongly enough that I have given time to get involved. I have learned heaps from reading what you all contribute on this forum. I have tried the property ideas and made most of the mistakes- so at least there is some experience. Even negative experience is a teacher.


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                    Hi Angel,

                    are members of the public able to view the draft curriculum?




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                      Hi Paul

                      As the article states the project is at trial stage with 10 schools in the Auckland and Nelson regions. A separate contract is being decided now to evaluate the trial.
                      I can email you the draft copy if you contact me.


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                        Thanks Linda.

                        I have sent you a personal message.



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                          Does that mean you can't post it here?

                          Recall the old joke
                          Insanity is hereditary - you get it from your children.

                          Will the new one be
                          Financial literacy is hereditary - you get it from your children.

                          Also, I don't agree that a teacher would not be a teacher if
                          they were financially literate. They may well set themselves
                          up for some passive income and continue teaching because
                          it's their passion. Maybe even through an associated person!
                          Nudge, wink.
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                            Bah this government does nothing for this country, they bring in the anti-smacking bill, they bring in financial education for children, its all communist social engineering, its all envy politics, we want Key he is a leader of asspiration. No policies, but he aspires to have some.


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                              ha ha good one Josko!!

                              I too am very suspicious of state-sponsored financial education, given the apalling failure rate of state sponsored sex ed (one of the highest levels of abortion and child abuse in the world).

                              Good one Helen.
                              two ears and just one mouth.. for good reason.