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    From my Blog

    Because xtra’s new email service doesn’t work properly I have to troll through hundreds of spam emails checking for genuine ones that xtrabubble puts in the wrong place.

    If you are ever missing any emails it is because their new yahoo system is totally flawed. Why there is not more of an outcry is beyond me. I suspect it is because most people don’t realise it is happening. If you want to check go to HERE, enter your full email address as username and your email password and see how many real emails are in the spam folder. Then imagine how many of them have been automatically deleted since the system changed last year.

    It is criminal that a company should bring such a flawed system to market like this. I have complained week after week and I am about to embark on a more public campaign to get them to fix it.

    The reason I am pursuing this is not just because the system doesn’t work properly. If I didn’t have to read countless spam emails to recover mine I wouldn’t mind so much. But due to Xtra’s incompetence I am forced to look at over 200 emails a day offering me various pornographic pictures, genital enlargement, sexual fantasies, you name it, I can have it.

    I object to having to expose my mind and eyes to such filth. It is a proven fact that images and words you don’t want to see can still affect you. I don’t want to have to start everyday asking God to cleanse my mind and memory from garbage I am only looking at because Telecom won’t fix a damaged product.

    And sadly their complaint procedure is farcical. I have been trying since September to get someone to fix my email. The responses i get are childish and repetitive, however no one will actually contact me and fix the problem or even do me the courtesy of telling me they can’t fix it.

    So last week I said to them that I would begin publicly voicing my concerns seeing no one at Telecom can be bothered to do anything about it.
    So please if you have an xtra email address click on the above link and log in and see what is going on with your emails that you didn’t know about.

    Then if you feel so inclined lodge a complaint and forward this to everyone in your contacts. If enough of us do this we just might get it fixed!!

    Since posting this I have had this comment form my friend and IT guru Ben. I have pasted it here for those of you who don’t do “read comments”

    “It’s actually worse than you think Dean. First Yahoo manage email for some other big global ISP’s including BTinternet in the UK and of course their own webmail service so the problem is not just restricted to Xtra.

    Secondly, Yahoo have instigated a ‘grey listing’ policy which means that anything they suspect of being spam gets ‘delayed’ in their system to discourage spammers. Unfortunately this includes a lot of genuine email that is delivered several days later (to the spam folder) or not at all. Even worse, they consider anyone emailing from a shared server to be potential spam, i.e., millions of people who have their own domains hosted on a shared server.

    I’ve also complained and filled out multiple forms asking to be taken off their grey list but they have refused. There answer? Get your own server!
    The situation is beyond a joke and is absolutely scandalous. Like you Dean, I don’t know how they can get away with it. Sending email is so unreliable I’ve had to revert to sending via my ISP’s server.
    I’m all for your campaign Dean. Good luck!”

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    Hey Dean - set up a Gmail account and tell Xtra to take a hike. It's fantastic - and it does an excellent job of filtering out the spam, but very rarely classifies real mail as spam.

    It's the coolest email facility out, in my humble opinion!


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      Last resort given I've had my email address for 15 years!! I'd rather Telecom fixed their stuff up!!


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        I have heaps of problems sending to xtra email addresses, and that is affecting my business. My flatmate is with them and he's had nothing but problems, with late/missing mail etc stuffing up his business too.

        Good on you Poomba, they definitely need to be sorted out!

        I'm with Ihug, they don't seem too bad, but I'm sure I've lost a few enquiries through them as well since their super duper spam filter went on.
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          I'll second Gmail, once you switch you will never go back... Especially now that they have IMAP.

          And it can be trained so even if the wrong thing is occasionally sent to spam it is quickly righted.

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            Well Dean,
            You said:
            Last resort given I've had my email address for 15 years!!
            It looks to me better a Gmail account rather than a rising blood pressure Xtra account.


            ps I have a Gmail account and their spam filter works extremely well.
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              I have xtra mail permanently forwarded to gmail account. Gmail send email on behalf of your xtra account too so it works VERY well indeed. Has pop3 access to.
              The only issue is that I would prefer to have a copy in the xtra inbox too but forwarding misses their inbox and there's no way around it.
              I must acknowledge I'm not as patient as you are Dean and made a switch after second frustrating call to xtra support. Give me a ring if you want and will walk you through the process of switching. Be warned - gmail is SOOOOO could that there's no turning back!

              PS: the procedure woks this way:
              Part 1. After you go to http://webmail.xtra.co.nz and log in, click "options". You will see "Mail options" and "Management" column, click "POP Access and Forwarding", check the radio button ehich says: "Forwarding Forward incoming Yahoo!7 Mail messages to a different email address", enter you gmail address in this field: "Email address:", click "save"
              Part 2. In gmail click "settings", click "Account" tab, in "Send mail as:
              (Use Gmail to send from your other email addresses)" field click on "Add another email address" and add your [email protected] email. You will receive a verification email and then you can select to have your xtra email to appear as sender's email even if you send email from your gmail account
              that's it, easy as!
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                Originally posted by pooomba View Post
                Last resort given I've had my email address for 15 years!! I'd rather Telecom fixed their stuff up!!
                Possibly short sighted of you. I've had my domain name since very soon after they were available.

                I've reciently changed ISP's and not had to inform anyone.

                It comes with a price though.

                Around $45 per year.
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                  Originally posted by Keys View Post
                  Possibly short sighted of you. I've had my domain name since very soon after they were available.

                  I've reciently changed ISP's and not had to inform anyone.

                  It comes with a price though.

                  Around $45 per year.
                  I also agree buying you own domain is much easier. This means you are now incontrol and can move ISP as often as you want since all you mail is [email protected] etc
                  not @xtra...


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                    but wait till................

                    The Microsoft - Yahoo marriage takes place, with all us poor buggers as reluctant guests!
                    A marriage made in hell. Two purveyors of seriously flawed products can only produce a horror progeny. Emigrating to gmail looking good.



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                      I also use gmail. Best spam filter I have ever seen & has a huge amount of storage.

                      You can also use your own domain name with it. So you don't have to look like a cheap skate
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                        I use gmail forwarded to Xtra. Use Xtra mostly but easy to quickly check gmail to see if things are coming through correctly. I have been training the Xtra spam filter and hardly any non-spam is being caught now.


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                          I've had to set up a yahoo email account for temporary work I am doing. I've had terrible trouble with anyone with xtra email addresses. they just don't receive my emails.

                          I've switched to gmail and immediately fixed the problems.

                          I'd suggest that anyone using a yahoo email account checks that the email they are sending is actually getting through.

                          Oh - and to make matters worse - Ihug email is completely down today. I haven't received one email since yesterday and I can't log onto webmail.....


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                            iHug ok today

                            Hi reuben,

                            I also am with iHug & am having no problems today with the sending or receiving of emails. I'm glad I'm not with xtra.

                            See ya
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                              To be honest I would avoid any email server that's hosted in NZ... they are all under powered.

                              The issue is they are receiving so much spam their servers can't scan it all so gets delayed... and if they get really overloaded they purge them all, or reject all incoming. The bigger the ISP the harder they get hit as have far more users / email accounts that get spammed.
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