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  • Trademe listing fees

    Trademe have recently increased thier fees again. Pre-Sam Morgan a rental property listing fees was $19 and increased to $29 in January of this year. Last month they've increased again to $49!! . An increase of some 150 % in the last 8-9 months. Did anyone get notification as a Trademe subscriber to inform them of the increases? I get Trademe newletters....but unless Ive missed something in their content i cant recall being forewarned of price increases.

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    Yes I got a shock when I listed a property last week. A huge increase! But I still paid it, and got a good response from the ad, so it is probably better paying that than leaving the house empty while advertising somewhere else.

    I dont think I am on any TradeMe newsletter email lists.


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      I still think it is excellent value. A small run on line ad in our local paper can cost up to $40 and that is for one ad only.
      compare TM with any other form of advertising and I think you will see what good value it is.
      And it's tax deductable
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        There was no notification about the price increases, just a small note in the site announcements.

        I think it's a bit expensive for what it is, especially considering $18 buys a classified ad in the DominionPost, which IME provides a much better response.

        Online ads tend to attract more tyre-kickers than daily newspaper ads. Having said that, like RentMaster, I still use it.

        I listed a flat on TM thismorning and it's had about 500 hits already, without even reaching TM's peak time of 7-10pm...


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          It is expensive but so worth the $$$ better then a empty house i love it !!


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            Maybe this is why http://www.sellmefree.co.nz/ was set up? - it's like TradeMe only it's free.
            Not as big as TradeMe at this stage though.
            I think it was mentioned on PT recently.


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              There are a few other websites that you can list on for free:


              I did by chance rent a flat once through the nzflatmates.co.nz site, which was free. My current ad has 555 hits on TradeMe, and only 11 hits on the alternative site. I think that's some indication of TradeMe's dominance!


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                yes- cant deny that they have critical mass and good value really considering 15 photos and quite a sizeable text area for a description. The newsletter i subscribe to is Trade Me Property [[email protected]]it is sent via e-mail monthly with property market commentary from QV & REINZ, property sale /purchase tips, feature property picks from those listed. I still wish they'd kept thier subscribers informed of price increases


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                  Have not used Trademe for rentals but always place an ad on finda and in the Dominion Post on the day of open home. Last place rented via finda. I do notice that people enquiring via finda tend to be in the IT industry or Asian.

                  The last place we rented took 3 weeks to let over Aug/Sep - it is one of 3 similar flats in Newtown and until now they have been very easy to let (first time advertised and multiple people interested). I'm thinking time of the year, but will watch trends with interest.


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                    Originally posted by artemis View Post

                    The last place we rented took 3 weeks to let over Aug/Sep - it is one of 3 similar flats in Newtown and until now they have been very easy to let (first time advertised and multiple people interested). I'm thinking time of the year, but will watch trends with interest.
                    Sometimes I think there is an element of chance involved.

                    One week you might get several offers and then next time nothing for a month, on the same property.

                    I have just let a place after three weeks. I had about ten written applications. the best pulled out when offered a teancy, as did the second choice who was marginal anyway. The rest were rubbish, an assortment of kids, solo teenage mums, pot smoking beneficieries and a bankrupt. Finally someone came along who, although no perfect and who will require some extra management work was certainly better than most of what had come before. And they passed the most important initial hurdle - cash on the table in full! Time will tell.

                    But, had I waited a week I might well have got a perfectly acceptable applicant in every ay. Who knows? As I said, sometimes I am sure there is just chance involved.



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                      Originally posted by xris View Post
                      . And they passed the most important initial hurdle - cash on the table in full! Time will tell.
                      some of my worst tenants from Hell have had cash in the hand.
                      The doggy ones know that most people buckle at the knees when we see the folding stuff and overlook the bad stuff.
                      Still it is all a risk and sometimes you just have to do the best you can with what is offering.

                      Goodness that should have been dodgy. Not much difference actually
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                        Quite right Glenn, thank you for picking me up on that one. As soon as I wrote it and went off to boil the jug I realised it was a silly thing to have written. People reading who are unsure - ignore my earlier remark.

                        A better way to have put it perhaps is...

                        I was a little more reassured that four weeks cash was in my hands and...

                        that ID was prduced and stacked up and...

                        that various phone number references were given at my request on the spot and they stacked up and...

                        that they both work...

                        and I took one of them back to their current house (as a way of seeing the non-working car he had referred to) only to see it looked better than half the other cars on the street and certainly better than mine.

                        But, admittedly there is an element of doubt based on their age and I am very mindful of the old saying about if you smell a rat, and maybe I will once again live to regret it, but I also had some positive vibes and I think sometimes you have to take a calculated gamble.

                        Time will tell.



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                          We have stayed with TradeMe despite the increase.

                          We've let three flats in the last month all with applicants via that medium.

                          We also use SellMeFree which goes into the Buy Sell Magazine in Christchurch.

                          My one comment would be that the applicants from TradeMe are usually of a better quality than those that pick up the Buy Sell at the dairy/supermarket!


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                            Trade me

                            Depends on location, but in Kapiti it has proven it's worth to me. You can also check applicants feedback & they can see yours, which is very handy. In this area it is also possible to scrutinize the market closely via trademe. Helps me to set the rent appropriately & if nothing new is coming up, well you are in the box seat. In short, a quality service which is worth paying for.

                            However in areas such as Wanganui, where there are few trademe listings for rentals, I would advertise elsewhere. It's all based on the number of users.


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                              Three weeks empty in the popular Newtown! It could well be your marketing media or perhaps your price. Give Trademe a try. For a block of 5 flats in Lyall Bay I have not had a vacant day using Trade Me over the last three years with each flat turning over at least once per year. I don't like the price increases but am getting the value, so bear it. I started using trade me when I asked people flatting how they looked for a flat and was given the same answer to start with every time.