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Have TT Filing Fees Changed?

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  • Have TT Filing Fees Changed?

    Ody's 10-month odyssey: Renter reunited with cat after timely Tenancy Tribunal intervention
    1 Oct 2022

    Originally posted by STUFFed
    It took ten months, several false starts and a trip to the Tenancy Tribunal . . .

    Alistair and Fiona Gillespie, the owners of the apartment, had given permission for Netana-Rakete to keep a cat. When they learned the body corporate committee had turned down the application, they . . . decided to take the dispute to the Tenancy Tribunal, on their tenant’s behalf. “All the paper work was bloody rough,” Alistair Gillespie said. It wasn’t cheap either – coming to $3300 for the filing fee.
    Bloody hell!!

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    Hi there Perry. Different fees for Body Corporate applications.


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      There is? I did not know that. Where's the reference for that, Artemis?

      In this case, was it not two citizens applying against a body corporate?

      Originally posted by Tenant Services
      How much it costs to apply

      The application fee is $20.44 (including GST).

      If you are the one making the application, you pay the fee.


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        its under the Unit Titles act not the RTA. They will refund if the hearing isnt held as this application often wakes the BC up?


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          Tricky. Thanks. Something new I've learned today.


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            Category 1 applications are average to high complexity and are likely to involve a hearing before the Tribunal. Application Fee: $3,300 including GST.
            Gives us an idea of the massive subsidy applied to RTA TT Kangaroo Kourt Hearings, eh?


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              Tenancy hearings mainly funded by investment return on tenant bond money. Bonds spend power eaten away by inflation every year of course.


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                Given the recent past few years investment interest situation, I wonder if "mainly" applied?

                And, of course, helped by the millions of unclaimed tenant bonds that the (be kind to tenants) gummint appropriates for its own benefit.