Due to recent tornado the roof of one of our rentals a single story, 1960's brick and clay tile house was badly affected, mainly the roof tiles and ridges cappings etc were crushed/ damaged and were quite bad

Our roofers went there following day itself .Their report mentions " Urgently attended locating 3x main damaged areas of roof.

Accessed roof removed damaged / broken tiles x27, removed debris from roof as best possible, dry ridged with new caps where caps had blown from ridging
Removed rubbish
Provide report and photos

And sent an invoice for the make safe repairs approx over $3000
For the longterm repair we recommended contacting a local xx Roofing company as we do not have the capacity to carry out major repairs to clay tile roofs.

Full scaffold will likely be required for the long term work.

All obvious areas were made safe "

We never had any claims, & got Vero- Premier cover as Insurance for the property. The house has been in good repair state and just only few weeks it has been painted and new carpets laid before the new tenants moved in, before Tornado.

We were to get roof painted in summer and never had any roof leak at all. Building company affiliated to Vero been there mailed us last week that they are repairing only few cappings and ridges? A roofer already gave a quote for re roofing with long run as they do not have clay tiles . I forwarded it to Insurance but Insurance did not yet respond to it.

instead they may be trying to step out those labeling it is 'old' .I did not yet contact Insurance and looking meeting them on Wednesday .

I wonder what my rights are in terms of Insurance , if anyone got similar experience, or Is this normal and or what should I do from here to get the roof reinstated to pre Tornado level with no any damages.