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RTA Phrase - What Does It Mean?

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  • RTA Phrase - What Does It Mean?

    The quote below is from the RTA interpretation section. (Definition of the words and phrases used in the Act.) My guess was that it related to the executor of a Will. Until I read the next clause which nullified that notion.

    "a lawful successor in title of a landlord to the premises"

    Here's the section if full:

    Originally posted by RTA
    landlord, in relation to any residential premises that are the subject of a tenancy agreement, means the grantor of a tenancy of the premises under the agreement; and, where appropriate, includes—
    (a) a prospective landlord; and
    (b) a former landlord; and
    (c) a lawful successor in title of a landlord to the premises; and
    (d) the personal representative of a deceased landlord; and
    (e) an agent of a landlord
    Next question:

    If there's a PM (agent of the LL) involved, what is the 'ranking' (order of culpability) of the LL and the PM, as far as the RTA and the TT Kangaroo Kourt's concerned?

    Then there's the "where appropriate" thing.

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    Ever purchased a rented property Perry?

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      No. But I may - one day - sell one.