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Rental Property Interest Deductibility UK Model

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  • Rental Property Interest Deductibility UK Model

    NZPIF, the First Home Buyers Club and Tenancy Protection Canterbury joined forces to appeal the Gov't's decision on interest deductibility with a letter that had evidence there's more damage than benefits from the change - only to fail to get anywhere i.e. no room for negotiation.

    “A secondary request proposing a modification of how the removal of interest deductions will be introduced, which was based on the UK model, was also dismissed. It was really disappointing.”
    So what's the UK model?

    It seems fair - the Gov't get more tax and Investors don't completely lose out.....

    A 20% tax credit on interest payments.

    Read the article it's interesting - more conciliatory and respectful of people choosing the invest in housing people.


    Under new rules being phased in over the next few years, landlords will progressively lose valuable tax relief on their buy-to-let mortgage costs. We explain what the changes mean for you.
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    Can this be promotedthis here?



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      Donna's right. With a parliamentary majority and an outdated yet entrenched socio-commie view of things, comrade commissars Cindy and FarGoneBoy have no need to negotiate, never mind feel they even have to.

      If their continued stupidity means higher rents, they'll reason that will mean more tenants voting for them. A lot more than LLs.
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