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  • Accountant Recommendation

    Can someone recommend a good accountant in the Auckland region specializing in investment property

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    Gilligan Rowe and Associates

    Plus also consider a couple of PropertyTalkers Rosco and Anthonyacat.


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      Ross is in Hamilton and Anthony is in Auckland.

      Both have useful contact information at the bottom of their posts.
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        Hi Jawher - and thanks for the link Perry

        I'm physically based in East Auckland but operate digitally so serve the whole country equally - it really doesn't much matter where your accountant is these days.

        Happy to discuss whatever you need via email [email protected]. Have a quick check of my website too, but it's a bit broken today with messy CSS code all over the place. Hopefully fixed soon!
        AAT Accounting Services - Property Specialist - [email protected]
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          You could try Queenie of PY GROUP. Super responsive with all our questions compare with others that we had in the past.

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            Originally posted by jawher View Post
            Can someone recommend a good accountant in the Auckland region specializing in investment property
            These days location doesn’t matter. Generally you get around 10% more done in a zoom meeting, plus we can record it for you! With use of emails and other technology it really doesn't matter where your accountant is based. So I would look for a true property accountant(personally I only recommend/Trust us or GRA to give the best advice), rather than focus on location.

            A free chat is a great starting point (see link below) , then we would often have a formal meeting to discuss
            - your portfolio performance . Now and over next 10 years
            - is your personal house a good rental? Or are your existing rentals performing?
            - what is the best structure?
            - cost vs benefit of restructure and any catches
            - trust and asset protection
            - long term strategy
            - Other tax efficient opportunities, and tax tips and tricks.

            After the meeting we provide structure diagram, notes on expenses you can claim, other tips and tricks and rental spreadsheet.

            Getting your initial structure right, or restructuring is worth taking the extra time and effort to get right. https://www.cswaikato.co.nz/services...s-hamilton/201

            You might also enjoy this recent video, showing an example of a structure that can save thousands https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=2794850684130683 [or youtube

            Book a free chat here
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