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Renovating old unconsented works?

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  • Renovating old unconsented works?

    Bought a place with known unconsented garage/laundry to kitchen/bathroom conversion - a single document with an sketch of current layout stamped with ‘unconsented’ is on the LIM. This was factored into the price.

    All the work has been inspected by registered tradesmen and is to a high quality and walls have been opened to display plumbing etc.

    My question

    I do not know how old this is, i would say it from decor that it was between 1985 and 1995 but the council image date isnt legible. Since i dont know if it was pre or post 1992 Do I apply for a COA or a safe and sanitary?
    Seems a shame to rip it out, apply for consent and re run plumbing and wiring.

    I have effectively done some renovations by changing out fittings benchtop, sink, toilet, vanity figuring that it is the fixed plumbing and wiring not the fittings that are requiring consent.
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    Do you have the council file? There's probably more in there about it than is on the LIM.


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      I have a property file and a LIM, total of around 100 pages with all the consents and drawings of house, pool, decking, fireplace etc.

      Is the council file seperate from this?


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        Yes that one. Nothing in there about these works except for what's on the LIM?


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          fascinating scenario

          In truth the building act does no distinguish between approved and unapproved building work. This is something often lost on councils and others.

          Are you in Auckland?

          Is so definitly go the S and S way and insist that the work was done in before 1992. As long as a suitable person sogns off as not dangerous or insanitary then that is the end of the matter. No council decision involved and done is a week after application.

          Alternative is CoA which can only be given for work that required a consent so this mean after Jan 1993. But while this has a council approval it comes with big fees from them expensive third party reports from approved report providers and a 20 Day decsion that may not even be given.

          owner should get benefit of doubt so go S and S??

          The actual property file has all the plans (LIM is different)you can also view Geo maps and nominate past dates to see what can be seen by council now.


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            The single page is contained in the property file sorry, i have the LIM info in the same folder on my computer.

            I took a bunch of photos before i changed fittings as now it looks more modern, will try my luck with the safe and sanitary - its more for the potential future sale of the property than the council.

            Can I have the safe and sanitary added to the property file? Or do people just supply at open home/sale time?


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              What city are you in?

              some council's have a policy others dont allow for them


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                Ah yes, auckland


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                  I found this instruction on auckland council website on how to add to property file.

                  For anyone searching in the future.


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                    yes and they also have a similar process for schedule 1 reports that can be combined with a Safe and sanitary if required to cover the renovation since.(if done under schedule 1)

                    PM me if you want a contact for someone to do this reports(s)