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BNZ Mobile Manager - Auckland ??

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  • BNZ Mobile Manager - Auckland ??

    Sanity is not prevailing in the banking sector for BNZ at the moment.
    They keep wanting to refer me to a team rather than a person, and my attempts at getting a bank manager have failed.
    The previous 3 have obviously been too good to be Bank Managers and have been promoted.
    I need one that is not bad, and yet not good enough to be promoted

    Anyone know of a good mobile Bank Manager for BNZ.

    I tried and they gave me a bank manager who is based in Christchurch of all places.
    I need some sanity bank and its not coming through the normal channels.

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    Didn't they cut about 20% of their staff about a year ago and replace them all with instore ATMs?


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      So that's how it works now?
      If I want a $500k mortgage, I rock into the branch, pop my ATM card into the machine and, viola, 500k pops out in $100 notes.
      No people involved at all.


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        Machines in branches and people in call centers. Far cheaper than human to human interaction.


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          Usually with these threads, eventually someone puts in some useful tidbit of info




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            Our Home Loan Partners are mobile and available at a time a place to suit you. Talk to us about buying,refinancing, building your home or investment property.


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              Have a chat to a partner in the property finance division of BNZ business banking 0800273916.
              You might qualify to be able to move away from the branch lending, and have to pay commercial lending rates, but it's sometimes worth it to make things happen.


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                our business banking manager this week emailed to say he's been seconded to another role for 6 months and we'd get a temporary manager yet to be confirmed.

                This was our 3rd BNZ banker in 6 months. The first was great... she left to start her own business, the second (ok) left the bank for some reason or another - the third was as you describe a 30 year veteran of middle management so we hoped wasn't going anywhere for a while and WHAM...

                What do you recon the call center guy in the Philippines will do when we call wanting to move multiple millions of lending to another bank?