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How long would it take to fix wrong mortgage rates?

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  • How long would it take to fix wrong mortgage rates?

    I wonder anyone might help with my question.
    Recently, I found out my bank made a mistake for the re-fix mortgage that was done about 4 months ago. They applied 0.50 more.
    Normally, how long would it take for them to correct?
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    had a similar problem

    negotiated discount with banker

    but bank applied standard rate

    noticed it pretty quickly and as the banker had mentioned the discounted rate in her notes, but failed to type them into computer

    the bank reversed it all in about a week
    have you defeated them?
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      you should also be able to get a credit for the over charged interest.


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        Originally posted by Don't believe the Hype View Post
        you should also be able to get a credit for the over charged interest.
        Absolutely. And I'd be pushing for a credit for the approximate overcharged interest-on-interest to make it right!
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          It seems my message has not been uploaded that I wrote about an hour ago.
          Thanks very much for your advice. I'll ask for the overcharged interest-on-interest.
          Banker told me "There is no breaking fee in this case."
          I'm thinking "Excuse me, what breaking fee?", but didn't say it.
          I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks and I have made an enquiry, but have not heard from the manager who fixed this.
          If I ask for the overcharged interest-on-interest, she might process it faster.
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            Just want to let you know that it has been fixed just in One Day after I sent an email to her and her colleague who used to look after our account and now works with her as a 'team'. I wish the previous one looks after our account, but they won't change her by saying that it does not matter because they work together, but obviously it matters. She has not been very helpful so far.
            I asked for the overcharged interest-on-interest and received some money back as you suggested, although I wouldn't know whether this is the right amount or not. Would banks have audit system in such cases? Anyway, once again thanks a lot for your advice!
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