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Cross lease properties and council rates?

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  • Cross lease properties and council rates?

    Whats peoples experiences with cross lease properties and rates?
    I have typed in a property address for a crosslease property for sale on a council website to look at the rates.
    im unsure whether the rates stated as for both the crosslease properties or just for 1? Anyone had experience in regards to this?

    Thanks in advance

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    Usually the valuation number will have an A or B at the end of it and the rates will be for whatever Flat 1 or 2 (crosslease section, not meaning a flat in the sense of a wee flat building).

    The rates will be based on the RV that is assessed against that property and all the other standalone charges i.e library, etc. So for rates crosslease is no cheaper, just RV property value is.

    Saying this Council's may differ?

    Now if there is a street number, say 14A, it does not necessarily mean that it is Valuation A/ Flat 1. 14A could possibly be Valuation No.B/Flat 2. House numbering was just done, without matchy matchy to the legal descriptions. Just to confuse you. Also I have seen houses built across the 'Flat' Lots so that both houses are half over Flat 1 and Flat 2 in the wrong direction. Now that will be a bit more difficult to sort out.


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      if in Auckland definitely have separate rates. The tricky part is knowing the actual address. I won many cross leases in Auckland and sometimes it will be 5A on the letterbox and 1/5 on council or a few other variations. Gis viewer is best wayt o find councils version of the address


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        And don't always rely on real estate agents either. They have got the descriptions wrong too. Best to have a title and x lease plan.


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          Most likely the rates are for separate properties as they each have their own title regardless whether they are crossleased or not.
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