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Separation and purchasing a house

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  • Separation and purchasing a house

    What are the possible legal implications of someone who is separated but not yet divorced purchasing a property to live in? They only have a verbal separation agreement but have been living apart for a year and are not going to get back together. All joint property has been sorted out.

    Is it a simple situation of they are now two independent financial entities again or can they other party make a claim against it? Family courts page isn't too helpful in this regard.

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    Are you LEGALLY separated?? ie have you been to a lawyer and declared separation???

    If not, you're just living apart and potentially could reconcile again - and again - and again.

    There are rules involved with separation, which a lawyer can advise you on.

    DON'T purchase anything until you have taken legal advice and know where you stand. Otherwise you could get yourself into a deep pool of do-do.
    Patience is a virtue.


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      You need a separation agreement if you want to avoid any trouble.

      Another avenue of potential difficulty is the origin of any funds you use to purchase the house are coming from....whether those can be claimed later despite you considering that joint property has been dealt with. You might find later on that, once your ex has legal advice, their view of what was joint property has changed somewhat.