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Lawyers who specialise in Real Estate & Property

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  • Lawyers who specialise in Real Estate & Property

    Stumbled across this directory category

    DMOZ Property Law and Real Estate

    and wow, it seems that there is only one lawyer in NZ who:

    * specialises in property and real estate
    * has a website

    surely not!

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    But seriously now
    I am looking for a lawyer who can offer good service with a fixed rate for purchase of real estate investment properties. Preferably located in South Auckland. The last purchase cost me over $1600 legal fees and I don't know if this is the best price I can get.


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      For $1600 you were wither using a queen st lawyer or the cost also included LAQC/Trust set up and maybe some other work.

      With a mortgage and not using a queen st big firm , I would expect to see between $700 to $1100 in general.

      The lawyer I have used for the past 15 yrs charged me I think $750 on my last place. He does not specialise in property ( I doubt if any lawyers do as there is not enough money in it - hence Sarahk
      s only finding one) but has not set me wrong yet.


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        Conveyancing can and is done by folk without the legal background......umm in Australia not NZ. It is nearly common practice to use a conveyancer rather than a lawyer to transfer your land, arrange mortgage docs etc in Australia and at a fraction of the cost (around $450 + GST).

        I did the Conveyancing Certificate at RMIT University - Melbourne. Not enough to get a Conveyancers Licence (needed the Diploma - had a year to go but we moved to NZ instead). I could do my own conveyancing and feel competent as the process is straightforward - I didn't have the opportunity to do so but did use a Conveyancer over a lawyer for a property sale.

        It is not yet legal to be a conveyancer here in NZ - so I believe so you have to pay lawyers fees We use Fortune Manning Law Partnership - we recommended them to a couple of Aussie investors and they were very satisfied with the service etc. Which when you are offshore its peace of mind knowing you've got a good team working on your behalf.


        SEARCH PropertyTalk, About PropertyTalk

        BusinessBlogs - the best business articles are found here