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Good Lawyor needed for Wellington/Lower Hutt area

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  • Good Lawyor needed for Wellington/Lower Hutt area

    We need a good lawyor to set up laqc!!!

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    You don't need a good lawyer to set up an LAQC. It's a form-filling exercise - and can actually be done online in 30 minutes.

    Are you going to use an accountant? If so, the accountant can do it.

    But why bother with an LAQC?


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      Apologies for not explaining the things clearly. We are setting up LAQC so that we can sell our own home to LAQC. Therefore we need a lawyer to make the transaction right.


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        If the plan is to claim expenses for a house you live in, you should check out other threads on this site. The general consensus is that it's not possible. (I disagree with the general consesus).

        But if you want to proceed, then you will need a lawyer - but not just any lawyer. You will need a tax lawyer. These people can be found at the big law and accounting firms in Wellington. They charge $400-500 an hour, plus GST.