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Negative gearing and student loans

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  • Negative gearing and student loans

    Hi there.

    I live in Australia but have 3 rental properties in NZ.
    I am from Chch and aim to return there before I grow up and have babies, so maybe 5 years away at the moment.
    Is it possible to offset my tax losses in NZ against my NZ student loan?
    Here in oz we can only offset the interest costs and bank fees associated with overseas investment property off our income so it might be better for me to leave that off and hold the losses in a LACQ until i return?? Any advice?
    Also is it wise or even possible to set up a LACQ whilst a tax resident overseas?

    Thanks in advance for any advice,
    Also a good property accountant in chch familiar with the bilateral tax agreement if anyone knows one????


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    I wont answer all your questions but if you own more than 25% of a company (incl an LAQC) while an overseas resident, you will need to get the accounts audited (and possible file with the Companies office). This may not be desirable.