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Staging and removal?

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  • Staging and removal?

    Has anybody staged their office for leasing before and what was your experience?

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    Hi fullequitynz,

    Staging commercial property for leasing is popular overseas. Not sure it's a thing here - maybe there's a business opportunity here for an entrepreneurial person!

    I did find a blog post on tips to staging commercial and office spaces.


    Staging Your Commercial And Office Spaces for commercial spaces and offices that want to take advantage of natural light and ventilation. Read more here.
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      Hi Donna,

      Sorry about the delayed response, yes it seems like a fairly uncommon practice in New Zealand.

      Thank you for sharing this post, I've been racking my brain, seems like holding and storing stock could be an idea (particularly for multiple spaces)

      I have been talking with this company Agile Office Furniture as they came well recommended by a leasing agent, a little expensive as an exercise, but considering it as staying ahead of the game in this climate seems like a smart option with relatively minimal downside.

      Anyhow, thank you for your input, much appreciated!

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