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How to “evict” from a storage space?

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  • How to “evict” from a storage space?

    Hi all, long time lurker first time poster.
    I now have a situation where I let someone store their household belongings in a large shed on my property “for a few weeks” rent free while they found themselves a new house.
    Problem is that was 2 years ago and all of their stuff is still there, and they show no interest in clearing their stuff out again even though I need the space back for a new project.
    This person is now flatting with someone else so most of their possessions are surplus to requirements it seems.

    Back in September I sent them a message asking that all of their possessions be removed by December 1st which they acknowledged, then did nothing about.

    So what can I do now? Seems that this sort of situation falls into a bit of a grey area which does not fall under the RTA.
    I no longer have any connection to this person, so if the law allows me to drag their stuff into the paddock and burn it I would be happy to now!

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      List a couple of items on Trademe and invite him to bid, in lieu of storage fees.


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        Not a grey area at all. The person has no legal right to keep storing their stuff on your property. Send them another email, saying that unless the belongings are removed within 48 hours, you are going to .......pile it on the roadside/ring the Sallies to come and get it/dump it and send them the bill/go pyromaniac/whatever creative disposal method suits your fancy.
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          If you have a copy of that message (and theirs), simply tell them you will haul it out and do what you choose. It is your property, so take back your rights. They appear not to care a ....... fig? or a ?


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            Is the storage shed/garage locked? If not, well, how can you ensure that the goods are not stolen?
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              Originally posted by Keys View Post
              Is the storage shed/garage locked? If not, well, how can you ensure that the goods are not stolen?
              Always a step ahead Keys, nice one.
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