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    Queens Wharf to be re-opened for public access

    Auckland's historic Queens Wharf will be reclaimed for public use next April and the two 100-year-old cargo sheds could be restored for a cruise ship terminal and "party central" for the 2011 Rugby World Cup.
    The ports company, which uses the wharf for parking imported used cars and stacking boxes of bananas and pineapples, began restricting public access in the late 1980s.

    Under a deal that will see the ports company continue to service cruise ships and maintain the wharf, the 2ha site of prime waterfront land will be made available for public access once again in April next year.
    Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/ar...ectid=10578709

    The number of cruise ship visit per year is expected to increase from 73 t0 100, bring in more tourists and more retail activities in the waterfront area.


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      Fudosan: This has all happened before, at least twice in my lifetime.

      Buy one of those awful outer CBD buildings, as long as there are toilets and showers on each level.

      Then sit out the recession by renting to students.

      PS: It will be a long wait.


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        Fudosan: This has all happened before, at least twice in my lifetime.
        What has happened before, and how was it like?


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          Alex Swney has a better picture of the waterfront

          Alex Swney of Heart of the City welcomes opening of Queens Wharf to the public when it will be converted to a cruise ship terminal plus "party central" for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. However, he cautions that the area may faceprivatization with all of the security and quarantine and roading infrastructure associated with a cruise ship terminal. Below is his ideal design of the waterfront.

          • We begin by ending the charade and fixing the ownership. We agree with a single waterfront development agency unencumbered by having to fund public transport.
          • We oppose wharf-at-a-time development and support master planning of the whole width of our waterfront - from Wynyard Quarter to Bledisloe Wharf.
          • We support linking this 'sunny north facing shop window' with modern clean electric streetcars.
          • We support people activated parks on our water's edge - we think waterfront plans where we can get our feet wet.
          • We support celebrating our heritage by completing the linkages across the refurbished rolling bridge down there at Te Wero.
          • We support building places as opposed to thoroughfares, particularly with a walking, cycling fixed bridge between Te Wero and Jellicoe.
          • When we think parks, we are thinking urban parks - they do have buildings of public interest
          • We push back against the Ports' plan to double the size of their container park by designing around high-value tourism offerings where our city meets the water.
          • This is just a start. It's only called applied commonsense - so why on earth? are we hoping that politics will fix it.
          Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/ar...0578634&pnum=0


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            Investors sought for Tank Farm opportunity

            Talks are to start soon with potential investors in superyacht refit opportunities in Auckland's Wynyard Quarter -- formerly known as the Tank Farm and now being redeveloped in a 25-year project.

            Plans for additional support infrastructure had the capacity to earn an extra $200 million a year and create up to 1500 new jobs, Sea+City Projects, which is managing the redevelopment for Auckland Regional Holdings, said today.

            Latest concept plans were being discussed with the marine industry, and site work was expected to start later this year.
            Sea+City also said today that preliminary designs for the first public areas in Wynyard Quarter, planned to be ready in time for the Rugby World Cup 2011, could now be seen at www.seacity.co.nz.

            The redevelopmend of Wynyard Quarter is planned to include parks and plazas, apartments, shops and offices, alongside traditional marine and fishing industries.
            Progress is still slow, though.

            Source: http://www.nbr.co.nz/article/investo...rtunity-103782


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              Passenger boom sparks rise in rail services

              Auckland's booming rail network will offer more passenger services from late this month, including an extension of evening operating hours on the southern and eastern lines.

              Pukekohe will gain a major boost in services to and from Britomart, to 20 trains a day each way from June 29, compared with 12 citybound and 13 southbound now.
              He said the new timetable followed "phenomenal" growth in patronage, including a doubling in passenger trips from 3.7 million in 2005 to an expected 7.6 million this year.
              That's about 20% per year. Very significant growth! With the Queens Wharf in the process of being opened and increase number of people using the Britomart train station, the Britomart area will over time change from being the end of Queen Street to becoming centre of the waterfront.

              Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/ar...ectid=10579152


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                Jean Batten lives on in green tower

                The $200 million 21-level Deloitte Centre on Auckland's Queen St is nearing completion.

                In October, BNZ will shift into half the building, open a flagship branch and occupy the area from the three-level entry podium up to level eight.
                By January, Deloitte will move on to levels nine to 18 of the tower. The top three levels from 19 to 21 are for plant and building services.
                Back in April Colliers was leasing Levels 9 and 10. Has Deloitte taken/retaken these two floors? Or has Deloitte given up the two floors just like many finance/service firms have done? That question aside, I feel, together with the shared street program, the Queen Street/Fort/Shortland area will become a prime retail area.

                Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/commercial...ectid=10579329


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                  Insurance building sets green example

                  The site of the former Seamart building in the Viaduct Basin will soon house 700 staff from IAG, NZI and State Insurance. The building is owned by Newcrest Group. Some of the staff have already started moving into the distinctive glass block on the corner of Fanshawe St and Market Place.
                  The building provides minimal basement-level parking for about 60 cars but bike stands to accommodate up to 65 cycles.
                  Workers moving into the new block will leave four CBD sites including six floors of IAG House on the corner of Queen and Wyndham Sts, 131 Queen St, AXA House at 37-41 Shortland St and the WHK Gosling Chapman building at 51-53 Shortland St.
                  The majority of the staff will probably use public transport to get to their office.

                  Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/n...ectid=10579882


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                    Waterfront work kicks off for World Cup

                    Architects Fearon Hay have won a design competition for a building on North Wharf at the Tank Farm that encompasses an existing wharf shed with extensions on either side.

                    It's part of about $107 million being spent on the first stage of the 29ha Tank Farm development by 2011.

                    Other projects include a $31.8 million marine events centre on the site of the old Team New Zealand bases in Halsey St, the first retail and entertainment precinct based around Jellicoe St and North Wharf, and Silo Park.

                    Plans for a $51.2 million Te Wero Bridge linking the Viaduct Harbour with the Tank Farm have been put back to 2016. In the meantime, a $2 million bridge will be built for the cup.

                    Other projects include a $31.8 million marine events centre on the site of the old Team New Zealand bases in Halsey St, the first retail and entertainment precinct based around Jellicoe St and North Wharf, and Silo Park.
                    He envisages Jellicoe St/North Wharf/Silo Park becoming an all-day destination for families, unlike "party central" at Queens Wharf with crowds of up to 20,000 fans.
                    Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/ar...ectid=10581024


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                      i think you are right fudosan

                      the long term prospects for the waterfront area of auckland are good

                      and taking advantage of the cheap commercial real estate available there will reap rewards in the future

                      just 1 of those things were you need not only the cash to buy it now but deep pockets to hold it until the eventual turn around comes

                      full marks for holding this thread up and sharing your efforts at researching what's happening in an area that most investors know little about
                      have you defeated them?
                      your demons


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                        Thanks, eri.

                        Learn from Warren Buffett and the late John Templeton: buy with cash.

                        Here in NZ, look at how John Sax made an unconditional offer on the failed $500m Kensington Park project in Orewa this month. The outstanding debt is about $51m, though. I'm very interested in the amount he actually offered (which will be made public in a couple of months) but my feeling is that amount will be much much much less than the $500m figure. He's a smart investor to follow, in my opinion.


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                          I'm posting this message to mark the first major store fronting lower Queen Street being vacant. Dymock book store on 246 Queen Street was closed this past Saturday. I first saw a TradeMe ad for lease on March 25 but apparently no tenants have been signed up yet. How long will it take to get a new tenant?


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                            doubt it will remain empty for long

                            doubt the return will be as high
                            have you defeated them?
                            your demons


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                              2.7pc fall in GDP the worst on record

                              The biggest contributor to the March quarter's decline was a record 7.2 per cent fall in manufacturing, making 13 per cent for the year.
                              It appears that the economic downturn is getting serious when you look at the 13% fall in manufacturing. The less we produce, the less we can buy from other countries. Will it be likely that we see high-end retail stores becoming vacant on Queen Street? These days anything is possible. This evening's news on Line 7 (established since the 60s) going into receivership may be harbinger of an uncertain future.

                              Source: http://www.nzherald.co.nz/business/n...ectid=10580980


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                                New entertainment area shaping up

                                While down here, many people discovered Halsey Street Wharf extension, where the Marine Events Centre will play a valuable role in staging events in future. A feature of the Louis Vuitton Pacific series was also a motorised pontoon bridge linking Te Wero Island with Wynyard Quarter, allowing people to walk to and from the nearby CBD, while still permitting boats to come and go from the inner Viaduct Harbour. Wynyard Quarter was effectively connected with the rest of the developed city's waterfront," says Mr Dalzell.

                                Whether they were aware of it or not, visitors who enjoyed all of these attractions were also generally visiting Wynyard Quarter itself, which will become one of the city's major attractions in its own right.

                                Work has already begun on the first retail and entertainment precinct in Jellicoe Street. The western end of Jellicoe St will have a marine focus, and will be connected to the fishing-focused eastern end by a fantastic public space. A team of designers has been appointed to work in collaboration developing these areas and, importantly, the public space which frames these activities.
                                As well as being home to the fishing industry, the eastern end of Jellicoe Street will have restaurants, bars and large public spaces. Fishing boats will come and go from North Wharf, which will become a retail and entertainment strip in time for the Rugby World Cup in 2011. The rebuilding of the wharf will be finished later this year.
                                A bit old news from Sea+City website, but still useful in showing us what's going to happen by 2011 Rugby World Cup. We may see a new Jellicoe St/North Wharf/Silo Park entertainment area, together with the Marine Event Centre on Halsey Street Wharf accessible from the Te Wero bridge.

                                Source: http://www.seacity.co.nz/news_releas...y_progress.htm