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  • leaking building lawyer

    Does anyone know of a leaking building lawyer who is onto it, efficient and not too expensive? A steel structure company designed and built for us a lock up and leave office, storage etc building. It has several on-going leaks. They fixed a few in the early years but has stonewalled emails and calls since. Different places on one wall regularly leak when it rains and so we cannot use the building for the original purpose and cannot develop the interior. We need to take legal action now before the 10 year period runs out.

    Help please!

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    Try this firm.


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      Thanks Donna. No other responses yet. Perhaps I didn't tag my question post well or put it in the best forum?


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        Matt Taylor Barrister

        I would stay away from the "specialists". What they do best is know how to charge
        and be careful there is a 6 year limitation on contract? and being commercial you may not get them on 'duty of care'
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          Thanks, John, I assumed there was a ten year limitation. It is not commercial as such but a commercial style building on residential property. I have kept trusted they would come good since they designed and built, silly me, and then Covid stretched out and I waited as I new many businesses have been struggling. Ahhhh!