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Can a purchaser make demands after buying?

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  • Can a purchaser make demands after buying?

    We put our house on the market in Nov/Dec 2021 and a purchaser went unconditional in Jan2021. They wanted a long settlement until 25/03/21 which we agreed to. A week before the settlement date a toilet leaked and the a small area of the bedroom carpet was wet for several days. The carpets are over 15 years old and have had a fair wear and tear. We fixed the leak and dried out the carpet. We informed the insurance company and the agent who informed the purchaser. The purchaser is an ex-insurance assessor and appeared to be knowledgeable about water damages. He completed a pre-inspection and was happy with the remedies and the transaction settled on Friday 25/03/22 afternoon as per schedule. The insurance claim was discharged on settlement. Then on Sunday the purchaser sends the estate agent an email that the carpet has some mould underneath and he wants NOT just the one room replaced with NEW 100% wool carpets and extra thick 11mm underlay - but the ENTIRE ground floor so that it all matches and is "seamless". He says its only fair we pay for 50%. I could understand if we needed to replace the carpet that had gotten wet but it is 15 years but I feel footing 50% on the entire floor with new carpet is overkill. I am not sure there is any point re-instating our insurance claim as the excess is $2000 on an unoccupied home and we will loose our no claim discounts. I've flicked the purchasers request back to our lawyer but wondering what my obligations are given they ok-ed everything on pre-inspection and now are dis-satisfied,

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    I can't see how they'd a leg to stand on with that requirement.

    As you say they approved the 'condition' in the pre-settlement inspection. Plus their claim looks premeditated. If anything they should be done for trying it on!

    Your lawyer will know best. I'm sure it's not the first time a purchaser has tried to rip off the seller straight after settlement - it's why there is a pre-settlement inspection.


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      Purchaser applies to the Disputes Tribunal? Assume that is the place for resolving this type of dispute? Sound like purchaser is trying it on in hopes of getting something as 'go away' money.