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Question regarding nzs3602 1995. Is the Timber treated?

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  • Question regarding nzs3602 1995. Is the Timber treated?

    Is this means the timber wall framing is treated? This house is built in 2003. Thank you. This is a house with a cavity system and a monolithic cladding.
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    It says in the Grade and Treatment Column as No.1 or No. 2 or Building Radiata Pine as appropriate Treated Plus 150x40 All No. 1 Treated Radiata Pine.

    Trimming studs* -- Treated no. 1 Radiata Pine
    I tried to post a picture but I could not. I just post the link.

    Thank you.
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    the quote is from the specification in the consent? there is no quarantee that this was followed.

    3602 changed in 2003 to the nzs 3602 2003 version. if the designer wrote 1995 this could be a result of poor updating of spec or it could indicate that design was done ibefore the update

    There were moves to introduce treatment before it became mandatory again. Some manufacturers insisted on treatment before the std was changed. The cavity is a good sign

    Do the inspection notes from council note what the treatment was. Sometimes they asked for treatment confirmation?

    If you want to be sure you need to confirm what is in the actual wall by testing.

    you could try Moisture detection company limited (Ian 021606611) They drill holes and take samples to confirm treatment.


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      Thanks for replying John,

      It is from PFP from council. In the some document it says Propose town houses in building xxx lot xxx Building Content Issue

      The document name is Design Calculations from a Civil Structural Consulting Engineers company. I really don't understand to why not follow it. There is even an amendment revision on the document.

      It even states:

      5. Timber:
      All timber used shall conform to NZS3602 requirements, "Code of practice for specifying lime/time?(see the picture for the correct word) and wood based products for used in buildings". Timbers shown in the Schedule of Timbers to be treated with an approved preservative process in plants licensed by Timber Preservation Council.

      I can only infer that it is from NZS3602 1995 because when I can see the No.1 Treated Radiata Pine in that document and it says H1. There is no H1.2 which is only found on NZS3602:2003.

      It had different design from neighbor house like there is an eaves on this house. The other houses don't have one.

      Who is responsible for checking that all specification are done per on the paper? Is it the council? That sounds very dodgy to me if you don't follow on the specs.