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Germany property buying 2

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  • Germany property buying 2

    Rule 1 of the houses / land search: first make sure you know what your financial standing, before looking to go, and go no obligations without the funding is covered, so do not buy contracts to irresponsible!

    Search and find
    Of course, there are enough websites brokerage houses which are offered. However, we did not find what site in an acceptable way to private properties was presented.

    In newspapers, regular supply, even under a separate heading. German newspapers offer more naturally. Once buy a separate track on Saturday, there are urls that you did not know (and the address of the newspaper do not forget).
    Besides, what you let yourself to an ad.
    Abbreviations used in the newspaper, here.

    The costs are borne by the buyer for your understanding and maybe high (sometimes up to 7%). Remember, you are also guilty commission without a written agreement that you have entered.

    The newspaper clippings include an article in which it may be recalled that the rate of an oral contract is determined on the basis of what local business practices.

    Because the services of the broker to the seller for free, or rather "free look", the brokers a very large portion of the offer in their care. There is also a much larger "silent sales", which only express inquire offered (the neighbors may not know).

    Best regards