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    Hello everybody.

    Recently I have invested in two properties in Hungary. I travel to Budapest a lot do to my work so I figured it would be a wise idea to invest in a country where I spend a lot of time. Anyhow, I have found a Real estate agency who helped me find the properties that I was looking for. First I was a little scared to invest in a country where the economy is not as stable as it use to be. But it turned out that it was a very good idea. I have purchased both of the apartments with Central Property Management agency helping me through out the process. Now they are managing the properties for me and they are both rented since the day of the purchase. Now I am not saying that Central is the best real estate company in Hungary. But I can confidently say that they sure know what they are doing and try to help out where ever they can. If you are interested in investing just search online for Central Management and on their page everything is explained. I spoke to their manager Steve. He is a very kind guy who gave me several options. Like I said, if you want to invest, Hungary is a very good place right now. Of course I aim for a long term investment. So if that is what you are not looking for then I suggest to invest somewhere else. But if you want a long term investment and looking for low prices that will rise in the future then Hungary could be an option and Central Management could help.

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    What is making Hungary good right now? Interestingly some of their inventions are: the ballpoint pen, the plasma tv, rubik's cube, and lots more all can be seen on wiki.

    There is lots of foreign investment in Hungary's private enterprise however it has not adopted the Euro yet (probably a good thing).


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      Smells like Spam?


      Still Learning.............


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        Originally posted by donna View Post
        What is making Hungary good right now? Interestingly some of their inventions are: the ballpoint pen, the plasma tv, rubik's cube, and lots more all can be seen on wiki.

        There is lots of foreign investment in Hungary's private enterprise however it has not adopted the Euro yet (probably a good thing).



        Hi Donna

        As I mentioned before, the only reason I have invested in Hungary was simply because I spend a lot of time here. However, I see that it is going to bring in revenue in the future. If someone decides to invest in this country they have to be aware of the fact that it is a long term investment. In my case, I have to wait at least five years to sell any of my property, because if I sell it before the five years expire, then I have to pay taxes that are out of the line high. But after the five years have expired I can get a good price for any of my apartments. As of now however, I am not planning on selling them in the future. It worked out great for me. I am not saying that it will turn out good for everyone but if someone is looking to invest in this area I can say with a clear heart that with a good team they can get great deals.


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          Redwing, what makes you think I am a spam? Plus why would you post anything like this on this forum with out knowing it for sure? This just shows that you have way too much time on your hands. Perhaps you should go get a job and try to keep paste with people who are doing good
          Don't be mad because you are on the bottom pile bud
          So I would greatly appreciate if you would stay away from my thread and go find someone else to bug. I am sure they would appreciate your effort just as much as I would.


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            A few more things that I would like to add here...
            I was browsing online about bike rentals. I just found out that Budapest has a free bike rental. Which means you pick up a bike at a bike point here in Budapest. Go from point A to B and drop off the bike. And it is totally free. I guess this is how they want to "push" people towards using public transportation and other transportation methods rather then using their own vehicle, since down town Budapest is pretty crowded. It is really hard to find a parking spot, unless you use a parking garage which can be pricey.
            So to me it is looking like they are trying to build out a plan where people rather bike around then use their car. New bike roads have been built and still in the process. I find it a good thing. At least people work out a little more


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              I have found something very interesting that can help in a decision on investing in Hungary or mid Europe....

              Investment volumes in core Central European commercial markets year-to-date are up 70 percent from 2012 levels, according to data from Cushman & Wakefield.

              Investment activity in Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania reached €1.5 billion during the third quarter, compared with €630 million in the previous quarter.

              So far in 2013, investment volumes for the region reached €3.25 billion, compared to €1.91 billion for the same period last year.

              "Investment volumes are running some 24 percent ahead of the five-year average, evidence of the markets' positive mood, particularly for Poland and more recently the Czech Republic," James Chapman, partner at Cushman & Wakefield, said in the report. "Slovakia and Romania are also seeing the first signs of increased activity, however, it is Poland with its scale and resilient recent performance that stands out as a top 10 destination for capital in Europe."

              There were 78 transactions completed in the region year-to-date, compared to 49 for the same period last year, the firm reported.

              Investment activity in Poland reached €943 million during the third quarter, doubling from the €454 million the previous quarter. The Czech Republic rebounded, largely due to Starwood's acquisition of The Park, which increased investment volumes to €344 million during the third quarter, up from the €80 million in the second quarter.

              In contrast to the activity from the previous five quarter, the retail sector accounted for 52 percent of investments in the region, followed by 38 percent in office and 8 percent in the logistics market.

              The firm expects favorable investment volumes for the rest of the year.


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                Hello everyone. Here are some interesting news I have read today. It might be worth it for you to read also. If there are any questions that you think I could help you with, just send me a mail and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Have a blessed day.

                Budapest has been ranked the most attractive city in Eastern Europe in 2014-15 from the point of view of foreign direct investment by fDi Magazine, an investment supplement of the Financial Times group, based on the nomination of the Hungarian Investment and Trade Agency (HITA).
                The magazine ranked 468 European cities and regions in five categories, such as economic potential, cost-effectiveness, infrastructure and business friendliness.
                HITA contributed to bringing foreign direct investment worth 1.2 billion euros to Hungary last year.
                HITA chairman Janos Berenyi said after collecting the award in Cannes that it was a recognition of the government’s investment promotion measures and proof that reports in the international press presenting investment in Hungary in a negative light were wrong.
                He said the award was also the result of efforts by HITA staff who helped the setting up of knowledge-based service centres in Hungary. Large international companies have established 80 such service centres, working with high added value, in Hungary in recent years. This shows that they have found here the necessary intellectual capacities available at an affordable price, Berenyi added.
                The investors are coming to Hungary because the government has created an investor-friendly environment, the country’s economic indicators are good, as also recognised by the European Union, and they see growth potential in the economy, Berenyi said.
                In the category of cost effectiveness, the West-Transdanubian Region came in sixth and Budapest the seventh