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buying rental property*and apartments London

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  • buying rental property*and apartments London

    In the current economic climate there are a number of opportunities presenting themselves to Property Investors. One of the key holdings in any international property investment portfolio is a UK property.

    As well as traditional rental investments or Buy to Let properties there are other sectors that investors can consider. Across the UK there are many types of property investment and we find that many investors are most interested in the following areas London Hotel Investment, London residential property, London commercial investment, property funding investment.
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    We’ve seen prices maintain an upward momentum, driven by high demand in all areas of the UK, particularly London. Landlords are benefitting from low interest rates, plus a further decline in property prices, in order to fund the purchase of new properties.


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      There seems to be good news from London!
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        Rental properties sell based on rental income. For a buyer to buy on the expectation of rental increases can by itself be foolish. Rents of similar properties in a one mile radius should be checked by asking tenants on other properties, not their landlords. If you want sound advice about buying property in London then you can visit plazaestates.co.uk site, they have great resources concerning property in London.
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          With the upcoming Crossrail in 2018, travelling time from East London to other parts of London e.g. Central London, Canary Wharf will be significantly reduced by half, which would now make sense for tenants to move outwards to East London, to minimise their rental expense.


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            London has always been on the sharp incline and it doesn't seem to be showing any signs of slowdown. If you're moving into any of those property investment areas (hotels, buy to let, commercial investments) you'll also have access to a great many resources both online and in a professional sense which can help you.

            I lived in London before moving here from France; you should first get yourself a sound understanding of rent ranges in various areas, as it'll wildly vary between boroughs and neighborhoods. You'll also need to research which companies you'll want to consult with including prospecting, property law services, and industrial site services (see example):

            Good luck, London is an exciting place for property development!