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Still demand in Portugal

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  • Still demand in Portugal

    Hi everyone just to let everyone know the demand is still high in Portugal amid the chaos there is still somewhere to go.

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    Demand for what? Rental accommodation, new houses, land....?
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      Demand for investment property

      There is demand accross the board although high end finished property has dropped off somewhat. There is still demand for renovation projects and an increasing demand for land where permision to build is obtainable that includes ruins where permission is automatic i hope that answers your question bad luck in the cricket bye the way.


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        Well as a licensed registered INCI estate agent based in Tomar Central Portugal, (chavetejo.com) I have to agree with some of what ppp is saying with respect to high demand in certain categories within the property market.
        I agree that there is a huge demand (at the moment) for small renovation properties, farmhouses etc. anything under 100,000 is selling fairly quick at the moment, not just to investors but to people relocating from the likes of the uk and other European countries, as well as further a field.

        Although I also have to say that we are experiencing an increase in demand for high end properties, we recently sold 2 properties totalling 3/4 of a million euros within 2 weeks of each other, (these properties had been on the market for some time with other agencies) were seeing an increase in enquiries on property in the 400,000 to 600,000 category and although the price of property in this category is not moving up at the moment we are experience an increase in sales. I think due to wise people choosing to buy in an area that offers better value for money than the traditional areas such as the Algarve.

        although I would pick up on what ppp says about ruins having automatic planning permission, this is not the case, care should be taken when buying anything that requires planning approval, green field plots or ruins, as planning can be very difficult to obtain in certain areas. Especially with the new zoning rules and new restrictions on rebuilding old houses, that came out this year.

        information on planning can be found on our gekkoportugal.com website.


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          A good little article on restoring property in portugal as a viable option to owning a property in the sun can be found on the gekkoportugal website. anyone interested in restoring property in Portugal should take a look.


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            Portugal currently does seem to be the flavour of the moment among UK Investors with some excellent deals being offered in the Algarve and to a lesser extent on the Silver Coast. The stumbling block for many is the tighter lending requirements by Portugese lenders and the minium (often more) £25,000 provable income.


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              Luxury Properties In Portugal

              Hi there,

              Portugal is a very popular investment opportunity. There are many luxury opporunities available in many parts of the country. For more information Google Pure International.
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                Which region has the highest demand now in Portugal?


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                  Best region



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                    Not sure I would agree with that, although the Algarve took a large hit and sales dropped somewhat I think it will be a little while yet before it returns to being in demand.
                    I have colleagues working in the Algarve, Silver Coast as well as central Portugal, right now our view of the market is that the central region of Portugal has been least affected by the goings on in the property market. Perhaps due to the increased interest in that region from overseas media, people are seeing that their money will go a lot further in the central region, they will get a bigger or better property for less money than some of the more well known regions of portugal,
                    If right now people are tightening their belts, then good value for money is what they want.

                    Take a look at some of the prices
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                      Hi, would you recommend the Silver Coast area for investment? I read that the western shore of Portugal has been largely ignored by property investors.


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                        Hi, i have a property for sale in the azores. is this the best place to try and sell such. it also has planning permission.