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Brisbane City Council seeks court order against slum landlord Ted Amos

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  • Brisbane City Council seeks court order against slum landlord Ted Amos

    Brisbane City Council seeks court order against slum landlord Ted Amos


    CHEAP AND CHEERLESS: Slum landlord Ted Amos and some of his run-down properties in Wellington St, Virginia - which is currently tenanted; Edmondstone St, Newmarket; Lancaster Rd, Ascot; and Dickson St, Wooloowin. Desperate renters say dilapidated homes are the only affordable option close to the city. Pictures: Steve Pohlner, Mark Robertson Source: The Courier-Mail

    HE'S the slum landlord of Brisbane's dress circle. For some battlers, Edward "Ted" Amos's run-down rentals are the last resort amid a public housing crisis and a daunting inner-city property market.

    But the state of these properties - located ironically in some of the city's most affluent suburbs - has Mr Amos, 71, back in Brisbane City Council's crosshairs almost three decades after it served his first defective building notice.
    The council has applied for court orders to have houses in Ascot, Clayfield, Wooloowin, Newmarket and Virginia declared "dangerous and dilapidated", forcing Mr Amos to pay builders to bring them up to scratch.
    Its officers believe he still rents out two of the properties - as well as a Clayfield flat that earned a "show cause notice" this month - despite council enforcement notices causing past tenants to leave.

    A family who moved out of the Clayfield house last year after the council told them the property was "dilapidated and infested with vermin" were slapped with a $2000 damages claim by Mr Amos.
    But the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal found the property was unfit for lease to begin with, and that Mr Amos "created an environment of intimidation" against "desperate" tenants.
    A month later, Mr Amos lost an appeal against a QCAT order to release the bond on the Clayfield flat he had withheld from ex-tenants as "compensation" for cleaning.
    New tenants told The Courier-Mail the location of the $300-a-week flat was appealing but "we have to wait 10 minutes after flushing the toilet to have a shower".
    Their lease contains the same "as is" condition, with "no promises to carry out any repairs", that Mr Amos was using in 1991 when then-councillor David Hinchliffe blasted him for "an appalling record with council in relation to the state of his premises".
    However, a longtime resident of Mr Amos' $150-a-room boarding house in Albion said the dearth of cheap inner-city accommodation meant "we need more people like Ted".
    "A slum's better than nothing. It's a roof over your head," he said.
    Mr Amos achieved notoriety as a real estate agent in 1988 when the Supreme Court found he "unconscionably" conned a mentally-ill widow into selling her Banyo house at below-market value.
    His long list of rental law breaches includes a $7000 fine in 2009 over a lease that allowed him to hike rent by a quarter without notice and "avoid his obligations to maintain and repair the premises".
    Asked about plans for his multimillion-dollar portfolio, Mr Amos said: "I can't make any comment on it because it's before the courts, you realise."
    His legal battles with the council, which is also pursuing him for half a million dollars in allegedly unpaid rates, include a failed personal injury claim in 2005 after he tripped over a water valve in Albion.

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    hmmm .....
    Derived from "Turbid" ..... akin to toxic Carbide(s) .... by adding "e" to "Turbid", we then have,
    Turbide(s) = new alternative word for Scumbag(s) .. Thankfully, humanity's minority -
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      But if he upgraded the properties the current tennants couldnt afford to live there??
      Why do people sign tennancy agreements and then complain to they not inspect the properties first?

      Grr NZ is becomming a big wingeing country where everyone blames everyone else.


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        i think they should put a stop to that guy