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Australian Mining Boom & Investment Properties

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  • Australian Mining Boom & Investment Properties

    Australia is apparently experiencing a 2-tiered economy, and mining across the country is becoming a very lucrative industry. It has also created opportunities for property investors to profit too. There are some however, who warn about the pitfalls of investing in mining towns.

    I'm curious whether any of you have invested in mining towns in Australia? How long have you invested there and has it been profitable?

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    i had a look for what i thought would be cheap places in kunnenara?

    and they turned out to cost twice? new price as the gas-boom out there means they can't build places fast enough...

    you'd have to do your homework VERY well
    have you defeated them?
    your demons


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      yeah i've had a look at a number of properties in mining areas - some of them seem really cheap!
      It's be challenging to inspect them though as they are often far


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        i've been looking for an IP in western australia - anyone know any good places in WA? I know port hedland is hot at the moment, but prices are very steep for me