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Victoria's Median Property Prices on the Rise

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  • Victoria's Median Property Prices on the Rise

    In the latest news from realestateVIEW, it seems that the median prices of both houses and units in Victoria are on the rise or at least staying stable. Could be an interesting year for property in Victoria in 2012...

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    if prices rise

    the screams of 1st home buyers will make it interesting

    if prices drop

    the screams of leveraged investors will make it interesting

    and if nz's experience is anything to go by

    even if they stay basically flat

    enough big names will collapse to make it interesting

    we live in interesting times
    have you defeated them?
    your demons


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      great comment eri. I suppose you're right that it really depends on your own personal perspective on things, and whether certain conditions are conducive to your own personal and investing goals


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        For those interested in Victoria's property market, check out the latest views released by 3 key industry experts, Tim Fletcher, Paul Stoner & Brad Teal. These agents share their predictions for the year ahead.