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Household water bills to hit nearly $1000 within four years - Melbourne

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  • Household water bills to hit nearly $1000 within four years - Melbourne

    Household water bills to hit nearly $1000 within four years

    June 26, 2009 - 12:12PM

    Melbourne households can expect water bills to soar by up to 64 per cent over the next four years, Victoria's regulator has confirmed.
    The Essential Services Commission released a statement today approving the price rises between 51 and 64 per cent to fund infrastructure projects in excess of $4.1 billion.
    Based on typical consumption, Yarra Valley Water customers can expect a rise in annual water and sewerage bills from $585 to $960, while South East Water customers will be hit with an average annual bill of $894, up from $566.
    The new water prices will take effect from next Wednesday, July 1.
    Commission chairman Ron Ben-David said the price rise would secure Melbourne's water supply through extensive capital works programs.
    "The Essential Services Commission's main focus has been to ensure that water prices are fair and reasonable, and that customers are only paying for the services they receive," Mr Ben-David said.
    Increased incentives for water retailers to assist customers who experience financial difficulties would be extended.
    "This will help to ensure that customers experiencing hardship are treated fairly, with dignity and in a timely manner," Mr Ben-David said.
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    Originally posted by muppet View Post
    The Essential Services Commission
    How Big Brotherish does that sound?

    I read a book a couple of years ago (Collapse by Jared Diamond) which said that Aussie has enough water long term for 8 million people. They have 20 million now.

    So it'll cost them to desalinate etc.
    Squadly dinky do!