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Buying in Queensland - Brisbane/Ipswich new developments

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  • Buying in Queensland - Brisbane/Ipswich new developments

    Hello. Many moons ago (when single and fancy free) while living and working in NSW I attended a couple of property ''seminars'' that were geared towards promoting the purchasing of housing in new up and coming areas of Brisbane. For various reasons and a red flag or two, I didn't go through with it, but later on, met Hubby who did and who had his fingers burnt with the quick reduction of the property value he purchased.

    Fast forward to 2019 and our Daughter now lives and works in Queensland. Works on the north side of Logan area, currently renting SE of Brisbane. When her lease is finished she is looking at moving into one of the newer (quiet?) areas not far from Ipswich, her reasoning being its new construction and infrastructure (she is currently in an older flat and it appears the LL is not keen on undertaking basic maintenance), cheaper rent and shorter travelling time to get to work.

    As she is intending to stay with her Employer for some time, we are keen to support her in purchasing her own first home/townhouse instead of renting however concerned with the new estates being constructed in the greater area of South Brisbane, that supply will exceed demand as it did in ''our'' day and long term, it might be a poor investment with the area becoming dodgy.

    Over the last few months/visits I have driven extensively through most of the areas between Marsden (Logan) and Brisbane city with a brief drive through Rocklea and surrounds. I have firm ideas about where to avoid from my travels but haven't been around the Ipswich greater area where I think she is talking about shifting to.

    As we live o/s we have lost touch with the property market and keen to hear the forums thoughts. Many thanks in advance.