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Has anyone got IP in Aus?

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  • Has anyone got IP in Aus?

    Hello all,

    We have one apartment in Melbourne which we were going to sell a few months ago but decided to keep for the long term. Since the apartment market is at a low right now we would have lost money selling it anyway.

    Who else has IP in Aus?

    I am keen to hear from our Aus community members as well about their thoughts on the current market in Aus.


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    Hi Marc,
    I m in Sydney and got properties here in OZ. I don't think market is bad for good investor. depends how people buy and where.


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      Hello PropertyGuru,

      Is there anywhere in Melbourne thats good to buy apartments? We were looking at South Melbourne way cos of the Commonwealth games...


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        My son works in the financial sector in Sydney and was recently looking for an investment apartment in Melbourne. He was interested in the student area around the univercities ( not sure exactly where ) and he asked his old man for some advice.

        The financial side looked relatively attractive with him only having to top up 2k pa. But when you looked at the big picture, there were more sellers than buyers. Plus the market was dropping and showing no sign of coming to the bottom of its cycle.

        Not the kind of news you want to hear Marc. He has decided to buy in Sydney.

        Would be interested to hear Aust investors opinions
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          I own a number of properties in Australia and overseas.
          Melbourne is a good city to invest in. Stay away from student accommadation. The returns are not that great and capital growth is bad. I purchase investment properties for clients in Australia and New Zealand.
          If you are going to do this yourself do plently of research and do not listen to sales people who have a vested interest in the property.


          Nigel Kibel


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            I've gotta agree with Nigel on the student accom for inner city Melbourne - almost zero lenders will finance it and generally for good reason.

            I do know of some people who create 'student rooming houses' around some of the universitys in the suburbs, but they have to take a very hands on approach to management. It's not something you'd want to tackle remotely.

            Most of Melbourne is reasonable flat, but I am seeing more and more vendors willing to negotiate. Houses are still selling, but they're taking a little longer. Long term investing in properties with a high land content is always a good long term strategy in the Australian capitals.