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Housing crisis solutions far from reach

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  • Housing crisis solutions far from reach

    EMILY BOURKE: The latest national projections put the shortfall in dwellings at close to 500,000 within a decade.

    The New South Wales Government moved this week to offer big cash incentives for first home buyers in the hope that construction will take off.

    While the Victorian Government announced plans to create six new suburbs on Melbourne's outskirts for housing developments.

    But construction is falling woefully short of demand.

    So, what are the solutions and can they really work?

    For more I spoke to Chris Johnson from the Urban Taskforce, Ruth Spielman from the National Growth Areas Alliance which represents 25 of the nation's fastest growing municipalities and Angela Spinney from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute.

    Chris Johnson, you speak on behalf of developers, is the housing crisis real?
    More: http://www.abc.net.au/worldtoday/con...2/s3525884.htm
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    an interesting article but man

    who did the editing?

    no wonder the ozzies are outsourcing it to nz

    the spoken grammar in the article should have been fixed and spelling mistakes should never have been there

    you end up not being quite sure what anyone said

    did the interviewee mangle their grammar?

    or did the writer mangle the spelling AND the grammar

    had to keep reading back to try and guess what point they were trying to make

    a generation is coming up where they are trading off one renting rather than buying and also leaving nearer to the inner-city rather than in the urban sprawl.

    presumably should be

    a generation is coming up that will have to choose between renting and buying, and living in the inner-city or in the suburbs

    that sorts it out a bit but the whole statement once fixed is basically pointless because

    EVERY generation has to decide both those things anyway

    the scary thing to me is that the article's gist seems to be that gov. needs to give up on equality and individual responsibility

    apparently some people are just too stupid to make their own long term choices

    so both levels of gov. need to ignore democracy in pursuit of socialist utopian future

    which will then need to be globalized to lead to the desire for a world socialist gov.

    which will need an "elite" and an "ideology" to run it

    it'll be just like animal farm

    stalin, mao, pol pot, kim il jong

    but presumably i will have checked out by then

    or been unplugged as a counter-revolutionary
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      NSW government seems to only be focusing on helping FHBs via incentivising them to buy new homes. And aren't new homes generally sold off more expensive than existing homes?
      Probably helpful for the building industry, but not any more helpful for FHBs and affordability.


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        It is important to choose right one since the first time.Nice post to hang on. I really loved it the way of the stuff provided in this article.


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          perhaps these hit and run garbled + irrelevant posts

          are artificial intelligence

          trying to act real!

          there's a conspiracy for you!

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          have you defeated them?
          your demons


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            houses crises solution

            Thanks for such nice information.


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