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Property management fees in Sydney?

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  • Property management fees in Sydney?

    Hey everyone,
    I'm doing research of property managers so that I can focus on finding more investment property.
    What are the average property management fees for residential properties in Sydney?

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    hey all for those of you are are wanting to become an investor/landlord of a residential property, I've called around and I've found property managers tend to charge from about 6-8%

    I've found some regional managers however that cahrge up to 9-11% though!!


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      what did we see the other day on this site

      25%? for a holiday home/rental in queenstown
      have you defeated them?
      your demons


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        really? 25% management fee? What the!

        woudl that even give a positive cash flow for the investor..


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          I’m still thinking about the 25% management fee. Which property management company or agent would charge such an outrageous fee?


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            I have heard of a few people who are paying so much for property management fees. Though I have not heard about the 25%, but when I was doing my own research for a friend who wanted to rent out his property in Sydney, the management fee was about 8-10%, plus a reimbursement of the repairs. There was one who takes the first couple of weeks’ rent. He was going overseas for work, and he thought of just leaving asset idle thinking that he might not be able to earn money from rental income. However, after working out the numbers of projected expenses including self storage rental for items he needs to leave behind, the nett income was higher than expected. I guess, he did his research well on self storage prices, which worked out well for him.


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              Yeah in QLD its 5% + gst for commission and 2.75 for management fees (which you can negotiate on). Take a good look though at all the hidden costs they may charge for on the agreement, like end of month statements, routine inspections, obtaining quotes, admin fees, court fees, insurance claim preparation.


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                Pure Rental Property Management is looking to be in Sydney early next year and will have its Flat fees of $1249pa + GST

                currently only in QLD but working on it.


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                  Hi PureRentals. How do you charge this? Is it an upfront payment or do you charge per month?


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                    hi Jenni

                    Its taken out of the weekly rent and reversed engineered into a %

                    Eg $450pw rent = Management fees of 5.338% + GST or $24.02Pw + GST
                    $650pw rent = Management fees of 3.695% + GST or 24.02pw + GST

                    with the only other fee being one weeks Rent + GST to cover the let fee if the property becomes vacant.

                    we work on the assumption that a $300pw property will take more time to manage than a $600pw property and with a percentage fee structure the owner is paying double management fees fro the property with the higher rent.


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                      Thanks PureRentals that makes sense. I think its a great idea. I hope you get to bring it to QLD. :-)


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                        property management in INDIA

                        for the better option

                        you see the noida in utter pardesh


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                          Originally posted by jenni_nextplace View Post
                          Thanks PureRentals that makes sense. I think its a great idea. I hope you get to bring it to QLD. :-)
                          HI Jenni

                          we are in QLD Brisbane Ipswich, Logan and about to be gold coast and everywhere between.

                          looking interstate soon


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                            If you are looking to rent your property, a real estate agent will charge a commission fees for overseeing the rental of your property. 7.20% is the average commission charged by real estate agents in Sydney.


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                              Dear not completely confirmed about the property management fees but we are putting efforts to let the people knows about the same query. So i will soon let you know about the query you asked. Thanks for sharing.