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Investment: What’s best? A house or an apartment?

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    I agree it depends a lot on the quality of the property and the location. I personally prefer apartments simply as someone mentioned earlier they are less hassle. But I don't think they're as good for long term investments, so it depends on your reasons for entering the property market.


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      Originally posted by Davo36 View Post
      Haven't seen you post here for a long time Terry!

      I actually quite like apartments because of the lesser hassle aspect i.e. no gardens, pets, drives etc. Plus they are really really f**king expensive to build, so can't be undercut too easily these days.
      I totally agree with you, I have lived all my life in apartments and I am so used that I can't imagine to change that. When I was younger I used to visit some relatives who were living in a house for the summer holidays and I quite liked it but only when it comes to vacations and short stays. Maybe one day when I retire I would buy a house on the sea cost to enjoy my senior years, but currently I don't see myself changing my lovely apartment in Melbourne


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        It is a depend upon the taste and preference of people. A house is the perfect accommodation for those individuals that are self-observer but it is very expensive. Apartments deal with a small area space. Apartments are not known to offer the level privacy as houses because there are several apartments in a single building occupied by varied people.


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          Many investors start out with the notion that they will consider buying an apartment (also known as flats or units) as there is a perception that they are cheaper and represent a more 'entry level' price.Alternatively, it's believed that because a freestanding house has land around it, and land appreciates while buildings depreciate, a house ultimately becomes worth more.

          It's demand which ultimately drives growth, not the property type. Therefore, the only way to establish whether to buy an apartment or a house is to discover what kind of people live in the area, and their preferred choice of property type.

          --- Peter


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            Both are good. Well if the house has a beautiful garden with it then investing in house is also a good option.


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              Apartment seems to give higher yield compare to house.