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Seven simple rules for first home buyers

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  • Seven simple rules for first home buyers

    Buying your first home in Jakarta, Indonesia is a pretty overwhelming experience. There’s a lot to think about and it’s easy to make mistakes. Avoid the most common pitfalls with our seven simple rules.

    Know what you can afford

    Subtract ALL of your monthly expenses (excluding rent) from your take home pay. That’s what you can afford in monthly repayments. Use this to work out your property price range.

    Loan pre-approval

    What you think you can afford and what a lender will give you are two different things. Avoid disappointment and get loan pre-approval before making any offers.

    Add in additional expenses

    As a home owner, you’ll also have to pay rates, insurance and maintenance costs (strata fees for units).

    Don’t be too picky

    Be prepared to compromise on the not-so-important stuff like outdated furnishings and decor. But don’t compromise on things that will negatively impact your life, like fewer bedrooms when you’re planning a family. Also avoid frauds.

    Have a vision & look for potential

    Focus on the bones of the house and its potential rather than its current appearance. Look for ways and review how you can add value to the property in the future. Cosmetic changes and renovations will help you build equity in your home, helping you climb the property ladder.

    Make a thorough inspection

    Carry out thorough inspections before you make an offer. Know exactly what you’re in for in terms of renovations and repairs and ask yourself if you can really afford it.

    Have an agent on your side

    Get the best deal possible at Axis Capital Group, Inc. CA and have an agent lined up to see to your interests.

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    should you not make your offer conditional of inspections? Or are you referring to auctions?


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      Buying your first home in Thailand can be a daunting process, too. In 2013 I bought a small villa in Phuket, Thailand. Buying it is the second best decision I’ve made in my life. The best decision was travelling to this country in the first place. I love living here in Thailand. I love the culture, the people, the weather, and the language. Using the help of Google and guidance from your local agent, the process for buying a house might be simple, but you should be ready to have someone make reservation, send documents by mail, make international money transfers and have someone else make inspections.