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    Nice topic nice discussion, I agree with all of you that real estate industry has been popular than any other industry and investment in property is more safe and secure than any other source of income like trading and all. I would like to suggest that investment in property is good option to earn more money. I have also invested my money on property. I purchased a flat in Noida location from a leading real estate builder Unnati Fortune Group. And I am totally satisfied with my decision.


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      Hi all,

      To invest money in property such a good way, however, you need to know about the prohibit or law of each country you would like to invest and also the location if it good or not for your money.

      I'm working as the real estate agency at Phuket Thailand, currently for Thailand foreigners can invest here for land or event villa and condominium and can get high return on investment for 2 ways.

      1) Resales, for example, you buy off-plan condominium about 3.5 Million Thai Bath and you resale during construction or after finish you will earn profit about 10-20%
      2) Rentals, for example, you buy and do rental on your property, Phuket Island we have actually 3 seasons for travelling, low, high and peak season. especially peak season you can earn about 3-4 times of money compare to low season.
      EX. 1 bed room condominium near beach per day can be 2000 - 3000 thai bath and can be up to 5000 - 7000 thai bath per day in high and peak season, so for 1 month can you imagine how much you can get.


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        Troll city, amazing.


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          I think, Property investment is a good choice than gold, oil or stock.


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            Totally agree that property investment is good and safe option. I had experience in forex trading before but it is really difficult to earn money from it. Forex is a big global market and it is impossible for you to win as there are too many factors and participants, including all the financial institutions in the world.


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              Property investment helps us to get maximum return.


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                I have invested my money for property in CG. The outcomes are in my favor. Investing in the property needs lots of money.