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South Korea! Home to the Invisible Skyscraper

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  • South Korea! Home to the Invisible Skyscraper

    The Architects of an Architectural firm GDS recently have announced permission to build the “Tower Infinity” near the Incheon Airport which is just outside the city of Seoul, South Korea. It is going to be 450 meters tall, it may not be the tallest building in the world, but it does have a unique feature, this tower is going to be equipped with an extraordinary cloaking device.

    Seoul Korea Invisible SkyscrapperGDS Architects representative described this tower in a statement that GDS is “trying to provide the World’s first invisible tower, which is showcasing innovative Korean Technology”.

    The tower’s exterior will be equipped with different cameras, projectors and LED lights. Areas around the building will be covered by these cameras; these cameras will be connected together in such a way that these cameras will give a panoramic display through the projectors. This effect will make this skyscraper seem completely transparent from the outside after the projectors are turned on.

    If you visit the website of the tower, there you will see how Korea is working to establish a rising position in the world, it is not constructing the tallest tower of the world but it will be developing a more powerful presence by “out shining” many other towers of the world.
    Having the ability to go invisible is not the only attraction to this incredible tower, this tower will have the world’s third highest observation deck with theaters, restaurants, and it will also have an amazing water park. This tower will serve as a tourist attraction for Korea. The representative of the GDS Architects representative also added that, “we are looking forward to providing Korea and the whole World with a complete new model for what it means to be the greatest observation tower”.
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    If its invisible, then what's there to see?

    you won't want to have your picture taken in front of empty space now would you :-)


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      Interesting that they would build such a tall building like that and put condominiums in it up for sale now. There aren't a lot of high rise condominiums that have been done well to this date and it may be quite risky to put money into it so fast. But besides that, the design and exterior of the building looks quite interesting. I might just go digging for more information on the building to see what the potential is.