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How do I Send a Private Message?

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  • How do I Send a Private Message?

    How do I send a Private Message?

    First of all - what is a Private Message?

    The PropertyTalk.com community forums provide a message system that allows you to send messages to other registered forum members.

    The message you send is private in that it can only be seen by the member you sent the private message to.

    The message can contain all the things that you can have in a normal forum post - for example pictures, links, different colours and sizes for text. You can also add smilies in as well!

    Why would you use the private message system?

    The private message system is useful for a number of reasons:

    1) Its private. Only you and the recipient know about the message.

    2) A member who you wish to communicate with in private may not allow emails to be sent to him/her.

    3) You don't need an email application to send messages.

    Now lets get down to business. You want to send a private message to another member - right?


    Steps to Send a Private Message

    1) The first thing is to check that you are currently logged into PropertyTalk.com forums. To check look above where you are reading now and you will see a box that has a number of things in it including a navigation link to tell you where you are currently within the forums. To the right of that you will see a little box.

    Now if you are logged in you will see this

    If you are not logged in your will see this

    If you find that you are not logged in please enter your user name and password into the boxes provided and click on the “Log In” button located within the box.

    Its a good thing to leave the “Remember Me?” check box. This allows the forum to automatically log you in every time you come back to our forums. If you unclick the “Remember Me?” check box then you will have to log in every time you visit the forums.

    2) When you have clicked on the “Log In” button the forum will log you into the forum and the box will now look like this…

    3) If you look at the picture above you will see that below the Welcome bit there is a line of text that states "Private Messages". Click the text and you will be taken to the Private Message section of your user profile (see picture below).

    4) From this web page you can view all private messages that have been sent to you (in the middle section and there are currently none). You can also send a private message by clicking on the "Send New Message" link (circled in the picture above).

    5) Click the "Send New Message Link". You will then be taken to the "Send New Private Message" web page (see picture below).

    6) Enter in the Recipient(s) members nickname, a message title and the message itself. Once you are happy click the "Submit Message" button located at the bottom of the message text box. If you want to see what your message will look like before sending it then click the "Preview Message" button instead.

    7) What will happen next is the recipient(s) will recieve notification that you have sent them a Private Message (called PM for short). The notification can be via email or a popup box that gets displayed when the recipient(s) enter the forum.

    8 ) Thats it!

    Here is a quick way of sending a member a PM if you are within a thread.

    1) When you read a post you may notice that there is a box before each post that provides the members nickname and an avatar (a picture). See picture below.

    2) Now click on the members nickname and what is then displayed is a little menu that allows you to send a PM!

    3) If you click on the "Send a private message to <member nickname>" you will be taken to the "Send New Private Message" web page like before however the Recipient field already contains the members nickname!


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    Hi Marc,
    I am replying to your 2005 (probably now outdated instructions) thread because I am wanting to contact RETIREDANDPASTIT.
    I understand that as a new user, without 10 posts, I can only PM staff (my first attempt didn't work but I will have another crack at that).
    Given that you are staff, are you able to PM myself and RETIREDANDPASTIT to put us in touch with each other? Thanks in advance