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How do I edit my Registration Details?

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  • How do I edit my Registration Details?

    How do I edit my Registration Details?

    Good question!

    PropertyTalk.com forums provide a profile section for each registered forum member.

    To access your profile follow the steps below

    1) The first thing is to check that you are currently logged into PropertyTalk.com forums. To check look above where you are reading now and you will see a box that has a number of things in it including a navigation link to tell you where you are currently within the forums. To the right of that you will see a little box.

    Now if you are logged in you will see this

    If you are not logged in your will see this

    If you find that you are not logged in please enter your user name and password into the boxes provided and click on the “Log In” button located within the box.

    Its a good thing to leave the “Remember Me?” check box. This allows the forum to automatically log you in every time you come back to our forums. If you unclick the “Remember Me?” check box then you will have to log in every time you visit the forums.

    2) When you have clicked on the “Log In” button the forum will log you into the forum and the box will now look like this…

    3) If you look above this text you will see a box that contains a number of items including a navigation structure that tells you where you are in the forum. Below that you will see a blue coloured line with the following links in it

    User CP
    Members List
    Today’s Post

    Click on the User CP link. User CP means User Control Panel. Yes nerdy I know!

    4) Once you have clicked on the User CP you will be taken to your registration details section which we call your profile section. This is where you can change your registration details and personalize your experience on the forum to suit your needs.

    5) The section contains lots of options so lets go through some of them now.

    6) The first thing you might see is a section that shows you what discussions you are currently subscribed to. In this example pic below you will see vlann is subscribe to one discussion.

    On the left hand side you will see a column of menu options titled “Control Panel”. The column provides the following features:

    Settings & Options – this is where you can access your registration details and options. To access each section just click the title.

    Edit Signature - you can add a signature to each post you make. Maybe a quote you like, maybe your business name and link to your web site.

    Edit Email & Password - here you can change your email address and your user name

    Edit Profile – in this section you can write a bit about yourself so when people wish to know more about you they can visit your profile.

    Edit Options – this section allows you to personalize your experience while on the forums and how you wish the community to communicate with you. I urge you to have a look at this section!

    Edit Avatar – if you would like to have a little image posted with each post you make then this is the section. An avatar just means an image that provides a character of your personality. I have a buzzy bee!

    Edit Profile Picture – you can even add a photo of yourself to your profile.

    Private Messages
    Now this is a cool feature we have on PropertyTalk.com! If you wish to communicate with other forum members you can send them a Private Message. It works a bit like email but instead of entering in their email address into the “Recipients” field within the “Send New Message” section you enter in their user name. Then enter in the message and send it! To practice you can send me a private message and I will respond back to you. My user name is “Marc”.

    Subscribed Threads
    This section allows you to managed your subscriptions. To learn how to subscribe to a discussion Click Here to read the guide.

    This section contains more advanced stuff that will not really enrich your experience with us. Best to leave that section alone for now.



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