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How can I be alerted to new posts in a thread?

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  • How can I be alerted to new posts in a thread?

    How can I be alerted to new posts in a thread?

    From time to time you may find a discussion (called “Thread”) that you may want to keep an eye on. Instead of checking all the time for any new posts you can select to be sent an email whenever a new post is made to the discussion.

    Here are the steps to “Subscribe” to the Thread

    1) Once you have located a discussion you are interested in watching click into the discussion if you are not currently within the discussion. You can do this by clicking on the title of the discussion within the forum discussion list.

    2) Once you are within the discussion you will see a menu bar above the discussion thread that contains a list of options which are

    Thread Tools
    Search this Thread
    Rate Thread
    Display Modes

    Now click on the “Thread Tools” menu option.

    3) When you click on the “Thread Tools” menu option a list will appear. Within the list is an option to “Subscribe to this Thread”. Click that menu option.

    4) Once you click on the “Subscribe to this Thread” menu option you will be taken to web page that allows you to set how often you would like to be alerted when a new post is made to that discussion. The “Folder:” option is not important just leave it to what it is showing.

    5) Click the “Add Subscription” button located below the options.

    6) That’s it! You have been subscribed to the discussion!
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    how do you unsubscribe to threads, so you dont get e-mail alerts constantly? thks chook


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      The email you get tells you.

      Hi Chook
      If you look at the end of the email you get that tells you that the thread has been contributed to you will see:

      Unsubscription information:

      To unsubscribe from this thread, please visit this page:

      To unsubscribe from ALL threads, please visit this page:

      Give it a go.


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        How do you unsubscribe to threads, so you dont get e-mail alerts constantly?
        Good answer, Sara.

        You can also go to the Control Panel area and review all your subscriptions.
        1. Click on User CP - the first option in the horizontal menu bar at the top of your page. This is where you can change your various settings.
        2. Part way down is a 'subscribed threads' option. Click on List Subscriptions. This will show a list of threads that you are subscribed to.
        3. Select the ones that you want to unsubscribe from by ticking the box on the right of each thread.
        4. At the bottom of the page, click on the Selected Threads droplist to see a list of options.
        5. Select the Delete Subscriptions (or you can change the frequency of the notifications.


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          Whenever you post a thread there a option will be displayed that do you want to subscribe to this thread and then just click for the arrow in the box then done you will get updates of whoever comments on your link on your email to have mentioned