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How do I register so I can Post?

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  • How do I register so I can Post?

    How do I Register so I can post in the forums & view posts in the (members online only) Caveat Emptor forums?

    In order to post a question or participate in the forums you need to register first.

    Here are the steps to register

    1) If you look above this text you will see a box that contains a number of items including a navigation structure that tells you where you are in the forum. Below that you will see a blue coloured line with the following links in it

    Members List
    Today’s Post

    Click in the Register link.

    2) You will now be taken to a Forum Rules page that tells you how you should act on the forum. You need to click on the box that is next to the “I have read, and agree to abide by the PropertyTalk.com rules.” sentence to accept our rules. Once you have clicked on the box a little arrow will appear. Now click on the Register button located under the Rules box.

    3) You will now be taken to the registration web page. You need to fill in the following details:

    User Name - This is the name that people will see when you participate in the forums. For example my user name is “Marc”. You can have any User Name you want except rude or other names that will offend people.

    Password – Enter in a password that only you know.

    Email Address – this is important because we will send you an email soon confirming your registration.

    Random Question – This is feature is used to protect PropertyTalk.com from illegal use. You will be presented with a simple question that a human can answer. In the text box below the question type in the answer.

    Additional Information – There are settings in this section that allow you to set your time zone and if you would like to receive emails from the administrators of PropertyTalk.com and other members. We encourage you to allow administrators from PropertyTalk.com to send you an email as we sometimes have important messages to send you.
    The one thing to remember is that no one sees your email by default. You have to change a setting in your Profile web page to allow people to see your email.

    4) Once you have filled in the registration details click on the “Complete Registration” button located on the bottom of the registration details web page.

    5) What happens now is an email will be sent to the email address you entered into the registration web page. Its very important that you open the email that you will receive because it contains a link that you must either click on or copy and paste into a web browser.

    By clicking on the link or pasting the link into a web browser and going to that link will activate your registration and allow you to post. If you do not click on that link or paste it into a web browser and visit that link your registration form will not be activated and you cannot post.

    6) When you click on the link within the email you will be taken to a PropertyTalk.com Confirmation web page that confirms your registration was successful.

    7) That’s it! Now all you have to do is log into the forum. Click the "Forums Link" and then enter in your nickname and password into the log in box located above the main blue menu strip. It is also a good idea to click the "Remember Me" checkbox so the forum will automatically log you in each time you visit the forums.


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    Sorry to be a pain - but when logging in - this forum never remembers who I am

    My other forum remembers me.

    Any ideas? Do I smell? Look funny? Need to ask someone nicely to let me in?



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      No - you just need to know the secret handshake!!

      When you login, there is a 'Remember Me' checkbox next to your user name and password. Just make sure this is checked next time you log in, and you should be instantly logged in next time.

      That should sort it for you..


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        Hi lisa,

        Sorry - should have made that a bit clearer - ive been checking the "remember me" box - it just doesnt work.

        This is the only forum that isnt keeping my details - so it doesnt look like its my cookies or security whatsits stopping it.



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          ok. this has happened to odd user before. The fix from memory was one of two things.

          *clear your cache
          *make sure you are using xxx.com instead of xxx.co.nz

          keep us posted if this works.


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            Whitt -

            Sorry - still not working

            Any other ideas?



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              You could have your privacy settings set too high for this site and it isn't keeping the cookie?

              On the menu bar of IE go to tools, internet options, privacy, sites and add www.propertytalk.com and click allow..

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                Looks like that did it!

                Thank you so much.



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                  Phew. Glad to see you are all sorted.


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                    Sometimes it helps being a "geek"...
                    "If you think education is expensive, try ignorance"


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                      Thank you for this great and such a helpful post.. I really need this information.. But tell me please how can I make my own thread.. Is it possible then share with me the process. thank you..


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                        oh. what this system my bank, I supposed to do, no time to share something with everyone


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                          Although I have posted in the past, I can't seem to find the option to start a thread now?
                          can anybody help?