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Infractions and inappropiate posts/threads

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  • Infractions and inappropiate posts/threads

    PropertyTalk is a public discussion forum that was created for the benefit of property investors – both experienced and newbies just starting out. It’s a place where people can come for independent advice, and to share ideas. The forum has a set of rules that we all agreed to when we register as a member. The rules are in place to ensure the forum remains a friendly, helpful and informative site.

    Every so often, a member oversteps the boundaries of the published rules with an inappropriate post, and spammers come to PropertyTalk and attempt to clog up the forum with unwanted posts. To help us better manage this unwanted activity, the moderators are turning on an Infractions feature built into the forum software.

    What are infractions?
    An infraction is a ‘red card’ that is issued to a disruptive poster. Each infraction carries a number of points. If a poster accrues enough points, they are automatically placed on the ‘watchlist’. If the behaviour continues, the points will quickly accrue, leading to an automatic banning.

    ‘Yellow’ card warnings can also be issued. In this case you will receive a warning message, but no infraction points.

    How would I get an infraction?
    Only a forum moderator can issue an infraction. Any forum member, however, can report an offensive or inappropriate post for moderator review (see post #2 below.)

    An infraction could, for example, be issued for any of the following:
    • Destructive comments targeted at the PT community or its individual members.
    • Hateful, threatening, abusive, vulgar and/or discriminatory posts.
    • Making statements which could be construed as defamation.
    • Posting material that you have no right to post, due to legal or fiduciary obligations.
    • Inappropriate use of an alias (user login name) to influence a discussion on PT, or by any commercial entity.
    • Invading another person’s privacy (a member or non-member, for example posting personal contact details).
    • Making negative comments based on hearsay and/or without signing your post with your real name.
    • Abusing the reporting system.
    • Repeatedly posting a commercial post outside the Caveat Emptor forums.

    Infractions will be issued for inappropriate posts made in the public forum as well ‘visitor messages’ that are made on a member’s profile page.

    So what happens if I get an infraction?
    When an infraction is issued, a warning message is automatically sent to the offending poster. Each infraction carries a number of infraction points which will be active for a specific period of time (ranging between 3-6 months) at which time, they will drop from the poster’s point tally. Think of it as driving demerit points. Earn enough points over a short period of time, and you lose your right to post.

    I've been causing trouble - how many points/infractions do I have?
    If you have been given an infraction, you will see a summary on each of your posts, as shown below.

    This picture shows that the offending member has received 1 warning, and 2 infractions and has a total of 7 points. This information is visible only to you and the moderators; other members will not see your infractions.

    I'm on the ‘watchlist’ - what does that mean?
    You can log into PropertyTalk and continue to post, but your posts will not be made public until they have been reviewed and approved by a moderator. You will not be able to make use of the Private Messaging system and you will have limited use of other forum features. When your points expire, you will come off the watchlist.

    I'm banned - now what?
    Too bad. You will not be able to log in to the PropertyTalk forums, write new posts or use the Private Message system. A ban is usually permanent. Any new, subsequent user profiles created by the user, if discovered, will also be banned.

    A final note:
    The concept of placing members on the watchlist or banning them is not new to PropertyTalk. The infractions system is simply a system for automating processes already used by the Moderators, and it also offers a more transparent approach to moderation.

    Please help us to keep the PropertyTalk forums friendly and informative so we (new and experienced property investors) can meet, learn and share information. Re-read the forum rules if you are unfamiliar with them, and report any posts that you consider to be inappropriate for the forum.

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    How to report a post

    The moderators do their best to keep an eye out for inappropriate posts and remove them as required. Given the volume of posting on PropertyTalk, they can’t read ev erything. This is where you, as a member of the PT community, can help by reporting any post that you deem to be inappropriate, offensive, spam or otherwise breaks the forum rules.

    To report a post:
    1. Click on the ‘Report Post’ button in the top right-hand corner of the post.

    2. A message box will appear. Enter a message to the moderators to explain why you are reporting the post. This should include a reference to the specific Forum Rule you believe has been broken.
    3. Your message is automatically sent to each of the moderators. One of the moderators will review post, and if it is agreed that it is inappropriate, the message will be removed and the appropriate infraction issued to the poster. Your user name is not disclosed to the poster.
    4. In some cases, in accordance with the forum rules, the poster may be given the opportunity to sign their post with their full name, in which case the post can remain.

    Please note that moderators are NOT online 24/7 and a response may not be immediate. Moderators should send you a PM (Private Message) to let you know what action has been taken.

    Forum Rules:
    Please refer to the forum rules before reporting a post. The rules are found here: <<Rules>>
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      Where do I see how many infractions I have, and how long does it take for points to expire.

      Not planning on being bad but was just wondering.
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        So if...

        This information is visible only to you and the moderators; other members will not see your infractions.

        Why can I see this...

        Posts: 58
        Infractions: 0/1 (2)

        For Blub, who is not me?

        Does that make me a moderator? and is there a special hand shake?


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          Interesting that this thread has been commented on. I dragged it out yesterday to re read especially for the sam (ish) reason halfempty did. I too, can see infractions by usernames.
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            Hmm... not sure about this. When I did my initial testing, it appeared that other users couldn't see anyone else's infractions/warnings but their own. Not sure if something has changed... I don't have time to look into it at the moment, but have asked the other mods to check it out.


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              Best to consider it a technical glitch that will
              be attended to ASAP. Thanks for reporting
              the problem, guys.
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                Originally posted by halfempty View Post
                And is there a special hand shake?

                Yes! Send your request for the
                details to me, on the back of
                a $500 note, ASAP.
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                  I don't see it as an issue if others see the infraction count personally I think it is better so the users realise everyone can see they are misbehaving.


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                    Agreed. (or is that a greed?) ((entered to make up the annoying ten character rule))
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                      I imagine the serial troublemakers would have a huge infraction count then.


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                        Not yet, but we remain hopeful of course
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                          hey i get to see infractions now too

                          not for anyone in this thread

                          as they don't have any?

                          but for the puppet master

                          and his

                          "what he said" sock
                          have you defeated them?
                          your demons